Free Webcast Replay: 6 Tech Lessons for Online Church

Now you can access a free replay of a brand new training on 6 Tech Lessons for Online Church. Now that we’re six months into the pandemic, and Online Church is here to stay, it’s time to evaluate the technology you’re using, and most importantly, how the right systems can improve the reach and relevance of your Online Church experience! Don’t miss the … Read More

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Effective Leadership Power Sale: Equip Yourself During These Challenging Times

Challenging times like these call for next-level leadership. And it seems like now — perhaps more than ever before — we’re being tested as church leaders. Since it’s more critical than ever that we equip ourselves as top leaders, I want to help you “POWER UP” this week and add to your pastoral leadership toolbox. So I’ve pulled together all of my best leadership resources — all in one … Read More

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Get a FREE digital copy of my Healthy Renegade Pastor book

Does your health and wellness keep getting pushed further and further down the priority list? These days, when time seems short and stressful demands are growing, it may seem easiest to push your health needs to the bottom of the list — but doing this can eventually catch up with you! So I want to make it easier for you … Read More

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What you need most at a time like this…($19 Leadership Skills)

$19 Leadership Skills

More than ever before, you’re being tested now as a church leader. Critical times like these call for next-level leadership. Challenging times like these are exactly when you need to focus on growing as a leader — to lead your church through this crisis and beyond. One of the best things you could be doing right now is to focus … Read More

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$14 Weekend Sale – Prepare Now to Grow in 2015

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of the year already! I like to carve out some time each year (in between Christmas services, family activities, school programs, etc.) to intentionally put together a plan for how I will keep growing over the next 12 months. And since growing churches are led by growing leaders (and I want your church … Read More

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3 Kinds of Church Growth

“A Church Growth principle is a universal truth which, when properly interpreted and applied, contributes significantly to the growth of churches and denominations. It is a truth of God which leads his church to spread his Good News, plant church after church, and increase his Body.” – Donald McGavran We should all have an expectation of Church Growth. McGavran talks about the … Read More

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Last Chance – Thanksgiving Sale Half Off (and more!)

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY – The Church Leader Insights Thanksgiving Sale ENDS TODAY at 11:59pm! Today’s your final opportunity to take advantage of HALF OFF on over 55 of my bestselling downloadable resources – Systems Seminars, Sermon Series and dozens of other popular training resources. Also, TODAY ONLY you can receive $100.00 OFF on: Planning Worship Services for Life … Read More

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Black Friday Sale – Church Leader Insights

It’s official – I am stuffed from yesterday’s turkey and enjoying the day with Kelley and Alex. But I thought I’d let you know that we decided to join in on this year’s Black Friday Sale. The team at CLI convinced me to ADD SOME NEW DEALS to our on-going Thanksgiving sale. So I’ve added in Intensive Workshops and Package Deal resources for $100.00 OFF….but those … Read More

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Thanksgiving Sale at Church Leader Insights – Over 55 Downloads at HALF OFF!

It’s THANKSGIVING SALE time at Church Leader Insights! Between now and Tuesday, you can take advantage of HALF OFF on over 55 of my bestselling downloadable resources – Systems Seminars, Sermon Series and dozens of other popular training resources. All these resources (and more) for HALF OFF: The Evangelism Seminar The Ignite Seminar The Strategy Seminar The Activate Seminar Christmas … Read More

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