Starts Tomorrow: New 2021 Preaching Calendar Online Training

Space is filling up quickly for my ALL NEW Planning Your 2021 Preaching Calendar – Online Training. Don’t delay — I have a limited number of spots available at each of the 4 available times, tomorrow and Thursday. I don’t want you to miss out on this essential training that will have an exponential impact on all of 2021! When … Read More

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The Surprising Truth About Sleep — Why You Need A New Perspective

A few years ago, as I (Nelson) was studying Genesis in preparation for a teaching series, God brought something significant to my attention—a truth that became a paradigm-shifting revelation concerning my view of sleep. At first glance, the truth seems simple enough: when God created the world, he created the night before the day (Gen. 1:2–4). The darkness preceded the light. … Read More

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Register Now for New 2021 Preaching Calendar Online Training

You’re invited to sign up now for the most anticipated training event I do all year — one that will literally save you hours in 2021. I’m opening registration now for my Planning Your 2021 Preaching Calendar – Online Training. This would normally be a closed training just for my current coaching members, but because this planning process is so critical … Read More

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Reformation Week: 5 Major Achievements of Martin Luther

In commemoration of tomorrow’s 503rd anniversary of the Reformation, I’d like to share some of Martin Luther’s major achievements: Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany in October, 1517. These were the differences Luther found between the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible. His refusal to recant these views led to him being … Read More

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Effective Leadership Power Sale: Equip Yourself During These Challenging Times

Challenging times like these call for next-level leadership. And it seems like now — perhaps more than ever before — we’re being tested as church leaders. Since it’s more critical than ever that we equip ourselves as top leaders, I want to help you “POWER UP” this week and add to your pastoral leadership toolbox. So I’ve pulled together all of my best leadership resources — all in one … Read More

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Let It Go: How to Decompress After a Stressful Day

If we don’t develop the habit of decompressing after every stressful day, and even during each day, we will carry that stress with us everywhere. And the effects will devastate our ministries and our family lives. In order to decompress effectively, take these opportunities to decompress during each day: Alternate between high-stress and low-stress activities. Whenever possible, schedule activities you … Read More

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Love Your Family: Putting in the Hard Work

Providing well for your family is a major component of loving them–and hard work is key to being able to provide well. For some reason, however, too many pastors have gotten it into their heads that ministry is a soft profession–that it can be done with less effort and intentionality than other jobs. In a surprising number of ministerial circles, … Read More

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Free Live Webcast – 6 Big Ideas for Effective Online Groups

Now during the pandemic, small groups are even more important to keep people connected to the church, to their faith and to each other. At The Journey, we’ve seen great success with moving small groups online — and we want to share these proven best practices with you! Join us THIS Thursday, July 16 for a brand new online training: 6 BIG IDEAS IN 60 MIN … Read More

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