Happy Birthday, Donald McGavran

Happy 120th Birthday to Donald McGavran! Donald McGavran was one of the premier missiologists of the twentieth century and considered the father of the Modern-Day Church Growth Movement. He is the single most influential thinker on how we do ministry today. I never met Dr. McGavran. But I discovered his wisdom through those who came after him — through books … Read More

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Eat a Rainbow Everyday (Thursdays are for Health)

“The first key to reclaiming or maintaining optimal health is to fill your plate with living foods. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eat beans and whole grains. Make sure your food choices include a lot of color – or, as it is sometimes said, eat a rainbow everyday. Green, red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables will fill you with living … Read More

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Christmas Greetings from Titanium Coaching!

The distinguished group below are members of my highest level network – Titanium Coaching. Last week we gathered for our in-person coaching session in Orlando and we had a terrific time! If you want to be a part of Titanium, send me an email at info@churchleaderinsights.com and we’ll get the conversation started. From our ministry to yours, Merry Christmas!  

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Evaluating Your Preaching

Today’s guest post comes to us from Sterling Edwards for the North American Mission Board. There are many aspects of preaching that are so important and so vital to our ministry. Every time that we get up to preach we are aware of the fact that: There are people who hear us every week and there are people who have come … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: The Role of Assimilation

“Encouraging people to stick around our churches is not about making our auditoriums look full and our numbers impressive; it’s about leading them to faith in Jesus, through the Spirit’s prompting. Putting a strong, strategic assimilation system in place is the best way to ensure that our newcomers will stay with us long enough to respond to Christ’s pull.”   … Read More

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Dangerous Food (Thursdays are for Health)

“While living foods are the foods that God made, dead foods are foods produced or drastically altered (think potato chips rather than fresh produce) by humans. The name is apropos because not only do they contain no living energy, but if you eat enough of them you will find yourself on the fast track toward sickness and death. That food … Read More

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Six Ways God Grows You (Part 4 of 4)

In this four-part blog series, we’ve looked at the six primary ways God grows you and how to develop an effective personal growth plan anchored by four cornerstones. In last week’s post I shared the first two cornerstones. Here are the other two: Cornerstone #3: Seminars and Conferences Now there’s no shortage of conferences vying for your attendance. Be selective … Read More

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10 Mistakes Churches Make at Christmastime

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jonathan Howe for ThomRainer.com. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Some would even say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. While it still has its wonderment, Christmastime has a tendency to be stressful as well—especially in the church. Unfortunately, stress can lead churches to plan poorly and make unnecessary … Read More

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