Pastor of Groups & Teaching Pastor Position Available @ The Journey Church NYC

The Journey is currently looking for an “A” player to fill the role of Pastor of Groups & Teaching Pastor at our NYC campus in Manhattan. The Journey is a young (20 years old), growing, contemporary, outwardly-focused church in New York City with services each week in Times Square and Online. We are looking for an experienced, go-getter who is ready … Read More

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Let’s get ready for 2024 – free pass

Hey, don’t miss out on your exclusive special code to register for FREE for next week’s all-new Planning Your 2024 Preaching Calendar – Online Training. Spots are filling up fast and we expect to close a few time slots by Monday! Save time, avoid big mistakes and learn all the pitfalls and possibilities of 2024. Choose now from 5 available times on Nov. 7, … Read More

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Planning to Preach in 2024?

Time’s running out to save your spot for next week’s ALL-NEW Planning Your 2024 Preaching Calendar – Online Training. Keep reading to learn how you can sign up for FREE right now! Let me be your guide in this “revised for the new reality” 90-minute online training. In 2024, our churches are facing unique challenges and it’s more critical than ever that we are ready … Read More

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A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer…

#DropTheRazor #NoShaveNovember A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, and the prognosis wasn’t pretty. But by God’s grace after a difficult battle, I’ve been cancer-free for almost four years. Once again, I am participating in @noshave November. It reminds me to pray for those dealing with cancer; to prioritize my health; to talk about the need … Read More

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Reformation Month: My Top Martin Luther Video Picks

If you like movies and are excited that this month is the 506th anniversary of the Reformation, then this post is for you! There’s a lot of great movies and documentaries about Martin Luther and the Reformation. Here are my top picks, best enjoyed with a tub of popcorn 🙂 This Changed Everything Click here to access this video Martin … Read More

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New 2024 Preaching Calendar Training – Your Exclusive Code

Hey, you’re invited to sign up for the most anticipated training event I do all year — one that will reveal the unique challenges to preaching in 2024 and literally save you HOURS next year…my ALL-NEW Planning Your 2024 Preaching Calendar – Online Training. Because demand is high…I’m opening registration early and I encourage you to save your spot TODAY. Scroll … Read More

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Happy Reformation Month: Fun Martin Luther Facts

In commemoration of this month’s 506th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, I’d like to share some of Martin Luther’s major achievements: Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany in October, 1517. These were the differences Luther found between the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible. His refusal to recant these views led to … Read More

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My Top 5 Recommended Books to Celebrate Reformation Month

Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation when he posted his 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517 (now known as Reformation Day). The theses were the differences Luther found between the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible. For his protests, Luther was ultimately excommunicated and labeled an outlaw by the Emperor of the Holy … Read More

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Free E-book for Pastors: What Should You Measure Each Week at Your Church?

“What gets measured gets done,” but what do you measure each week at your church?  Just as you stay (or should stay) on top of the numbers that gauge your health, eg. blood pressure levels, weight and height — the same is true when gauging the health of your church. The numbers are blinking indicators that let you know if all systems are … Read More

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FREE Download: Mental and emotional health strategies for pastors

Ramping up for the busy fall season can be a stressful time. And for us pastors, mental health is still a critically underserved area of our overall health. When time seems short and stressful demands are growing, it may seem easiest to push your health and self-care needs to the bottom of the list — but doing this can eventually … Read More

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