Don’t Miss the Last Church Systems Boot Camp of the Decade!

You’re one of the first people to hear this — it’s some pretty big news about this year’s Boot Camp. This will now be my eighth year leading the Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp. And what I want to share with you is, it will be the last Boot Camp of the decade. That’s right, the next one after … Read More

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Maximized Systems = A Maximized Church

Have you ever held a newborn baby? Have you counted tiny fingers and toes or watched a little chest move up and down, drawing breath for the first time? That baby may be a bundle of joy for his parents, but, in reality, he’s also a bundle of something else. He’s a bundle of perfectly formed, intricate systems that are … Read More

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Tired of Routine Tasks? Here Are 4 Ways to Handle Them With Efficiency

Most average pastors have at least one area in which they struggle to “touch it once”: physical mail, cleaning, email, clothes, cleaning.  If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, you need to learn the Touch It Once technique. It’s simple: when you see a small, routine, or mundane task that needs to be done, just do it. Do … Read More

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Hudson Taylor on the Great Commission

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.” — James Hudson Taylor (May 21, 1832 – June 3, 1905) was a pioneer in reaching the unreached for Christ. He was unlike any other missionary of the 19th century (or arguably any other century) and led missions in China that are still … Read More

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3 Keys to Ministry Outside the Bible Belt, from Facts & Trends

Born and raised in the heart of the Bible Belt, Vance Pitman never imagined he’d be ministering in “Sin City,” but that’s exactly where God led him. A mission-minded pastor, Pitman had been doing ministry in the South. As he read Scripture one morning—Luke 4, to be exact—something stopped him dead in his tracks. “I saw some stuff in Jesus … Read More

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New Systems Boot Camp – Little tweaks to 2X your results

You’re invited to join me at my most anticipated church growth training event of the year! This Summer is going to be better than ever — at the next Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp, I’m going beyond the usual review and “what’s working now” improvements to the 8 systems of a healthy church.   This July, I’m gonna take each church … Read More

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Save Time, Energy and Stress by Learning to Borrow

Before I became a pastor, I was on an engineering track. The first rule of engineering is: “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” When I made the transition into ministry, I saw a lot of well-intentioned pastors driving themselves crazy doing just that. They were starting from scratch every single week, with everything from Sunday follow-up to sermon preparation and worship planning. As … Read More

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The Value of Waking Up Earlier—and How to Do It

I (Nelson) love to get up early. I find that by waking up early, I get more done. Often I write first thing in the morning, immediately after my daily quiet time. When I do, I can knock out a lot of writing I want to get done before most people have even started their day. I (Richard), on the … Read More

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