Keys to Worship Planning: Attaining Excellence

  “If our goal is to be excellent every Sunday, we need to find a way to evaluate our services so we can see what needs to be tweaked and continually move toward improvement. Excellence happens through making small improvements week by week – improvements that can be made only as we are open to honest evaluation and feedback about … Read More

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Honoring God (Thursdays are for Health)

“If you aren’t careful, food can quickly set itself up as an idol. But when you start thinking about how God feels about the food choices you’re making – about which of your choices bring him honor and glory and which don’t – your perspective changes; your mind snaps back to the fact that your body isn’t your own. Every … Read More

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Multiply Your Impact Strategically (Part 3 of 4)

Last week, in the second of this four-part series, I shared the first Advanced Strategic Concept, “Kaizen”.  (A strategic concept can be thought of as a “force multiplier” for church growth and health.) Advanced Strategic Concept #2: “Scenario Planning” Definition: Develop a written scenario action plan for the key potentialities that could impact your church or life. For example, you could … Read More

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4 Diagnostic Questions for Every Sermon

Today’s guest post comes to us from Daniel Fusco for We asked a younger preacher (Daniel Fusco) and a veteran preacher of almost 25 years (Matt Woodley, Editor of to weigh in on the four basics of every good sermon. Think of them as four simple, routine, diagnostic questions that will help you prepare every sermon. It’s like going … Read More

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John Wycliffe on a Pastor’s Position

“The highest service to which a man may obtain on earth is to preach the law of God.” – John Wycliffe, 14th-century philosopher, theologian, reformer, and seminary professor at Oxford

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Keys to Worship Planning: Establish a Meeting Culture

  “Schedule your series planning meeting and your weekly worship planning meeting, and then stick to the time slots you’ve given them. Don’t underestimate the importance of these meetings; they are the rudders on your worship planning ship.”                – Nelson Searcy and Jason Hatley The above quote is from p. 146 of Engage: A … Read More

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Power of a Mantra (Thursdays are for Health)

“Make an intentional effort to fill your mind with mantras that will continually remind you of your goal. Here’s one I have repeated to myself countless times: Short-term pleasure is not worth long-term pain. This one has helped me make right choices more than any other thought. Maybe it will help you do the same.” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds & … Read More

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Multiply Your Impact Strategically (Part 2 of 4)

In last week’s blog post, I introduced the idea of implementing strategic concepts, which is a short-hand way of thinking of bigger ideas. It’s a shortcut that doesn’t short-cut the results. There are at least 10 of these strategic concepts that I regularly refer to, but we’ll unpack just a couple of these in this series. Advanced Strategic Concept #1: “Kaizen” … Read More

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Luther on God’s Word

Today’s guest post comes to us from Will Graham for In the midst of all the commotion surrounding the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, for those wanting to get to grips with Martin Luther’s theological worldview, there is perhaps no better place to start than with his acclaimed ‘Table Talk’ (first published in English way back in 1646). The … Read More

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