Schuller on the Power of Preparation

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” – Robert H. Schuller, pastor, evangelist, author, and motivational speaker September 16, 1926 – April 2, 2015

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Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism

Today’s guest post comes to us from Tony Merida for “If you build it, they will come.” I like the movie Field of Dreams, but it’s a terrible evangelism strategy for church planters. Most unbelievers have no interest in joining you this Sunday. Simply offering a “good product” isn’t enough in this post-Christian world. It doesn’t matter how cool … Read More

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The 7 Advantages of Time-Bound Groups

  “There are seven advantages to putting time boundaries on groups: The groups have a clear beginning and end date. It is easier for people to make short-term commitments. Time is allotted for concentrated promotion with sign-ups. It’s easier for new people to join a group when everyone is starting at the same time. There are more group options – … Read More

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Enter to Win a FREE Cruise When You Register for Pastor Conference!

Didn’t want you to miss this special announcement: For the first time ever, if you are one of the first 75 to register for the 2019 Renegade Pastors Conference, you will be entered to win a FREE 3-day, 4-Night Cruise! To give everyone a good opportunity to win, we can only keep this open to the next 51 people. With … Read More

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The Power of Vacation: Keeping Your Tank Full (Part 3)

The greater the demands of ministry, the greater your need to pull away. Over the last two weeks, I shared five strategies for you to consider as a pastor when planning your next vacation. Though the word “vacation” is not found in the Bible, there’s nothing unspiritual about taking a vacation. Even Charles Spurgeon is known for talking about how … Read More

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6 Ways to Prevent Vision Drift in Your Church

Today’s guest post comes to us from Rick Warren for Proverbs says, “Without a vision, the people perish.” You have a lot riding on the vision you communicate to your church. When you don’t regularly refocus your church around a shared vision, you’ll slowly find your church experiencing vision drift. You may have, at one time, shared a compelling vision … Read More

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Bring Your Spouse to Our Next Big Event for Only $19

I couldn’t wait to share this with you! Registration is now open for our next big event: the 2019 Renegade Pastors Conference. Today thru Friday, September 28th only, you can save big with a super low $129 rate for you plus bring your spouse for just $19! You did read that correctly. I want to make it as easy as … Read More

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The Most Successful Schedule for Small Groups

  “In the semester-based system, groups last for approximately three months. At the end of that three-month semester, there is a month to six weeks where groups are not meeting. Then the new semester begins and everyone is in a group again for three months. Then they have another break. When small group members are in a system that is … Read More

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The Power of Vacation: Keeping Your Tank Full (Part 2)

In last week’s first part of this blog series, I started a conversation about vacation and shared a few strategies for taking some time off. Here are the next two strategies you should consider when planning your next vacation: Prepare for your vacation to ensure it’s a true vacation. Nothing will frustrate you or your family more than if your vacation gets … Read More

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Tension Keeps Your Hearers Stuck to the Sermon

Today’s guest post comes to us from Yancey Arrington for You know that feeling of being locked in as preacher? When you depart from the pulpit confident that the message you intended to give was the one given. You witnessed congregants lean forward and engage every movement of your message. All the words pouring from your mouth feel less … Read More

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