The Healthy Pastor: Eating Out? Order First!

“I know, I know; we are supposed to put others first. But when you are on a mission to get healthy and you’re sitting in a restaurant with other people, make an exception. When the server is ready, be quick to order before anyone else does. That way, you won’t be tempted to change your order when you hear what … Read More

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Restaurant Portion Sizes (Thursdays are for Health)

“Portions in most restaurants are out of control. Even if you order something deliciously healthy, there will probably be enough of it on your plate to feed you and the person next to you. Decide before the food hits the table that you are not going to eat it all. Renegades don’t believe in the ‘clean plate club’ when it means … Read More

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Dining Out (Thursdays are for Health)

“Restaurant meals can be one of the worst enemies of a health-conscious lifestyle – and in our profession, we end up eating in a lot of restaurants. If you know you’re going to be eating out, be intentional about choosing a restaurant that will have some healthy options. As much as it is up to you, avoid places where you’ll have … Read More

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Healthier You, Healthier Family (Thursdays are for Health)

“Healthy lifestyle habits are much easier to adopt when everyone in your household is on board – but that’s not always the way it works. You may find yourself being a lone ranger in a house full of people who have no interest in getting healthier. If that’s the case, simply keep your focus steadily trained on why you’re going renegade … Read More

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Progress vs Perfection (Thursdays are for Health)

“Circumstances you aren’t prepared for can sabotage even the best of intentions. As you begin on this road toward health, remember that you are creating a new lifestyle. This isn’t a quick fix. As with any long journey worth taking, there are bound to be a few setbacks. Don’t let those discourage you. Progress, not perfection, is the goal.” – Nelson Searcy, … Read More

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Choose Whole Grain Instead (Thursdays are for Health)

“As you begin to fill your diet with more living foods, also be intentional about cutting out refined carbohydrates. Opt instead for whole grain products. Whole grain varieties (which are also complex carbohydrates) retain the fiber and nutrients that have been stripped from white carbohydrates, so they interact with your body in an entirely different way. One note of caution: Be … Read More

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Limit Animal Protein (Thursdays are for Health)

“A hundred years ago, meat was more of a treat than a staple. Sunday dinner was special because it was usually the only meal of the week where meat was served. These days, however, we’ve come to believe that a meal isn’t complete unless it includes meat. This is problematic. Thanks to the saturated fat that is synonymous with animal … Read More

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The Spiritual Side to Fitness: Why Are So Many Christians Unhealthy?

Today’s guest post comes to us from a long-time member of my Titanium Coaching Network, Kent Wilson. Kent is an ordained Lutheran minister who now serves as an assistant to a bishop after 26 years in parish ministry. On the fitness side, Kent is a certified Functional Aging Specialist and developed his own workout system available at As a pastor who … Read More

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Trade White for Whole Grain (Thursdays are for Health)

“Over a period of six years, scientists tracked 43,000 men whose diets were high in white rice, white bread, and white pasta. The participants had two and a half times the incidence of Type II diabetes as those who ate high-fiber alternatives such as whole grain bread and brown rice. In addition to obesity and diabetes, these nutritionally defunct foods … Read More

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1 Quirky Phrase to Battle Weight & Disease (Thursdays are for Health)

“Refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, brown rice, white pastas and most baked goods are one of the major culprits behind America’s weight and sickness epidemic. When refined carbohydrates enter your body they are converted directly to sugar, which is why they are responsible for so many obesity-related diseases. So remember, ‘If it’s white, don’t bite.’” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds … Read More

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