Preventing Disease (Thursdays are for Health)

“Like fish in water, most of us have a hard time seeing the nature of the environment we live in. If only we could grasp the truth that we are bringing the pain of poor health on ourselves; that most of the ailments filling our prayer request lists are reversible (better yet, altogether preventable) with some simple dietary changes.” – … Read More

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Stop Helping the Enemy (Thursdays are for Health)

“Making excuses and using scripture to smokescreen the sin you and I love leaves us playing right into our enemy’s hands. There’s nothing he would rather do than convince us that God is okay with us overloading our bodies with the foods that will eventually kill us. After all, when our bodies fail, then we are out of service. Let’s decide … Read More

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Choose God’s Foods (Thursdays are for Health)

“Have you become a slave to what you put in your mouth? It’s easy to do – and it’s even easier to justify in today’s food culture. But God has a better plan. He has a plan to use the foods he created for you to your benefit; to allow you to walk in health and vibrancy as you honor … Read More

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God’s Dietary Guidelines (Thursdays are for Health)

“God designed our bodies, designed food for them and then put his dietary guidelines in place for our own good. Anatomically speaking, paying attention to what he says about food gives us the greatest chance for optimal health. For example: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. (Genesis 1:29) Fish with scales and fins are healthier than sea scavengers. (Lev. 11:9-11) Pigs … Read More

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The Unaddressed Sin (Thursdays are for Health)

“There’s an unaddressed sin undermining church leaders today – one we’ve come to accept as normal, even though it has the potential to completely derail the work God has called us to. The sin is gluttony, plain and simple. So prevalent that it has become a cultural norm, gluttony can be easily overlooked and accepted as a normal part of life. … Read More

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Present Your Body to God (Thursdays are for Health)

“Have your feet taken you anywhere you shouldn’t be going? Have your eyes been looking at anything they shouldn’t be seeing? Have you been putting food in your mouth that harms your temple? Spend some time with God and ask him to help you do a bit of hard self-examination. Tell him you want to be a living and holy … Read More

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Be a Vessel for Honor (Thursdays are for Health)

“God has blessed you with one body, one vessel, one life to live for him. You only have one heart, are you taking care of it? You only have one brain, are you protecting and utilizing it? You only have one digestive tract, are you overloading it? If you die as a result of negligent living, you won’t be able … Read More

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Honoring God (Thursdays are for Health)

“If you aren’t careful, food can quickly set itself up as an idol. But when you start thinking about how God feels about the food choices you’re making – about which of your choices bring him honor and glory and which don’t – your perspective changes; your mind snaps back to the fact that your body isn’t your own. Every … Read More

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Power of a Mantra (Thursdays are for Health)

“Make an intentional effort to fill your mind with mantras that will continually remind you of your goal. Here’s one I have repeated to myself countless times: Short-term pleasure is not worth long-term pain. This one has helped me make right choices more than any other thought. Maybe it will help you do the same.” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds & … Read More

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Keeping Yourself Motivated (Thursdays are for Health)

“Changing the way you think is key to changing your life for the better. Fill your mind with information and knowledge about healthy living. Reading something about health and wellness every day is a great way to keep your focus right and help you stay on track.” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds & Jennifer Dykes Henson The above quote is from p. 64 … Read More

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