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Ramping up for the busy fall season can be a stressful time. And for us pastors, mental health is still a critically underserved area of our overall health.

When time seems short and stressful demands are growing, it may seem easiest to push your health and self-care needs to the bottom of the list — but doing this can eventually catch up with you!

So I want to make it easier for you today to take a step back and discover some small changes that will reduce your stress and increase your fulfillment on a daily basis.

I want to give you one more opportunity to grab my 70-page excerpt of the mental and emotional content from my book, The Healthy Renegade Pastor, and you can download it for FREE today!

This book focuses on breaking out of unhealthy lifestyle ruts to start living as Renegades in passionate pursuit of God’s purposes.

Too many of us church leaders sacrifice our well-being on the altar of ministry. But being a Healthy Renegade goes beyond eating well and exercising — through these chapters, you will get dozens of mental and emotional health tips and tools to “go Renegade” in these other critical areas.

In this FREE 70-page excerpt, you will discover:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls in your energy management and emotional wellbeing
  • How to reclaim “whole health” as a pastor
  • 7 strategies for successful stress management
  • How to overcome the top 3 emotional health hurdles for pastors
  • Proven ways to avoid and overcome bitterness
  • What it really means to abandon average in your health and wellness
  • Top 3 time management tips that will help you manage stress
  • Pastor success stories that will inspire and motivate you!
  • How to stop making excuses — and start making changes today!

Click here to secure your FREE PDF download of mental and emotional health strategies for pastors!

As you implement these changes, you WILL be able rise above average when it comes to your mental and emotional health — and pursue God’s best for you, your family and your ministry!

Pastor to pastor, my prayer is that this book excerpt will give you some encouragement and a renewed focus on your whole health this season.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. I invite you to share the website below with other pastors you know so that they too can learn the pastor’s secrets to mental health and emotional wellness.

This won’t be available for long — so be sure to download your copy now.

Add this excerpt to your ministry toolbox today!

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