Book Review: Activate – New Approach to Small Groups

Today, I’m sharing with you a book review written by Rus Jeffrey. Dr. Jeffrey has 40 years of mainstream broadcast experience and 20 plus years of pastoral ministry experience. In 2002 he and his wife Sandra founded Fresh-Wind Ministries. Here’s what he had to say about my newest book, “Activate:” Activate is a breath of fresh air when it comes to … Read More

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LIMITED TIME – Get my book Connect for only $2.99!

I’ve got some inside info from my publisher for you – for a limited time you can pick up the e-book (Kindle) edition of my book, Connect: How to Double Your Number of Volunteers, for only $2.99! You’ll save 82%! This special get-the-word-out promotion is available for a short time only – choose one of the links below to get … Read More

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Five Great Books on African American Evangelical History

Today’s guest post comes to us from Thomas Kidd for The There has been a lot of discussion lately about race and evangelicals, some of it spawned by ERLC and TGC’s phenomenally successful and provocative MLK50 conference. Anyone wanting to foster understanding and Christian love between people of different ethnicities will also need to read in a multicultural way. … Read More

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Modern Christianity’s Most Underrated Book

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jack Lee for In the 1700’s, there was a book published that produced a ripple-like effect of evangelism that could be felt for centuries. It has inspired countless missionaries to persevere through intense adversity, for the sake of bringing the gospel to the lost. It’s a brilliant book that is as equally … Read More

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Fusion Friday: Integrating Guests into God’s Family

“Your church is a representation of the bigger family of God. As you put a system in place to effectively integrate guests into the family, you will be fulfilling part of the responsibility God placed on you when he prompted them your way. God is honored when you show your guests true biblical hospitality.”             … Read More

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Get my new book at my cost – just $8

hey – real quick . . . wanted to share my brand new book with you on Time Management. It solves a big problem we can ALL relate to as senior pastors. Found an extra case in my office left over from some recent events. I’d much rather ship a copy to you than back to the warehouse. So here’s … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: Practice Biblical Hospitality

“It has been said that, ‘The church is a family expecting guests.’ Is your family ready? The church – your church – truly is a family expecting guests. And you should be ready to show them intentional hospitality when they arrive. While they are in your company, they need to feel comfortable and valued, no matter where they are in … Read More

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Choose Whole Grain Instead (Thursdays are for Health)

“As you begin to fill your diet with more living foods, also be intentional about cutting out refined carbohydrates. Opt instead for whole grain products. Whole grain varieties (which are also complex carbohydrates) retain the fiber and nutrients that have been stripped from white carbohydrates, so they interact with your body in an entirely different way. One note of caution: Be … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: From Crowd to Congregation

“I fully believe that when new people visit your church and establish themselves as part of the crowd, you are embarking on a journey with those people. If you commit to guiding them across the bridge of assimilation, you are giving them the best opportunity to respond to God and give their lives to Jesus. Once they sincerely profess their … Read More

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Limit Animal Protein (Thursdays are for Health)

“A hundred years ago, meat was more of a treat than a staple. Sunday dinner was special because it was usually the only meal of the week where meat was served. These days, however, we’ve come to believe that a meal isn’t complete unless it includes meat. This is problematic. Thanks to the saturated fat that is synonymous with animal … Read More

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