FREE Online Training Next Week: How to Read More (Spread the word!)

It’s true that all leaders are readers! 

And you have an opportunity now to get a FREE crash course to make reading a larger part of your ministry in 2024.

Nothing will accelerate your growth as a leader more quickly than increasing your capacity to read and comprehend more — plus reading the right books!

Bottom line: Through this brand new online event that I’m leading next week — How to Read More — you can learn easy and effective strategies to read more, improve your comprehension and grow your church! (And you don’t have to become a speed reader.)

You have 5 available times on Jan. 16, 17 or 18 to watch the training but I must warn you, they WILL fill up quickly — save your spot now!

Click here to learn more and reserve your FREE spot now!

Then once you register, share this site with other your staff and other pastors you know so they can sign up for FREE as well! 

In this brand new 90-minute online training, I’ve agreed to reveal my (closely guarded) secrets about:

  • How to find time to read (without robbing time from the more important things)
  • How to know what to read (and what NOT to read)
  • How to read more even if you struggle or hate reading!
  • How to increase your reading speed (hint: it’s not by becoming a speed reader)
  • How to RETAIN what you read
  • How to get everything you can from a book
  • How to stay motivated to read (and not feel guilty if you aren’t)
  • The best alternative ways to learn even beyond reading
  • Plus much more!

FREE with RSVP while spots still available…

New 90-minute Zoom Training:

How to Read More

Next Week, 5 Convenient Times Running on:

Tues., January 16th @ 2:00pm – 3:30pm ET

Wed., January 17th @ 11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Wed., January 17th @ 2:00pm – 3:30pm ET

Thurs., January 18th @ 11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Thurs., January 18th @ 2:00pm – 3:30pm ET

Space is limited: Click here to learn more and reserve your FREE spot now!


When you register now, you’ll also receive my new Top 50 Church Growth Books List ($29.95 value) plus my Developing a One-Year Personal Growth Plan audio resource ($49.95 value)!


And when you show up and stay to the end of the 90-minute training, you’ll also receive a Pastor’s E-book Bundle ($39.95 value) — two of my books: The Renegade Pastor’s Guide to Time Management and The Difference Maker. And you’ll be entered to win a FREE $250 Amazon Gift Card!

Join a great group of high-achieving pastors next week for this brand new FREE training to help you harness the power of reading to grow your leadership and your church in 2024!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Go on and also forward this link to your staff and other pastors you know whose leadership could also benefit from a proven system for reading and comprehending more. 

5 Available Times Next Week – FREE Registration Now Open But Will Fill Up Fast!

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