FREE Online Training Next Week: How to Read More (Spread the word!)

It’s true that all leaders are readers!  And you have an opportunity now to get a FREE crash course to make reading a larger part of your ministry in 2024. Nothing will accelerate your growth as a leader more quickly than increasing your capacity to read and comprehend more — plus reading the right books! Bottom line: Through this brand new online event that I’m leading … Read More

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How to Size Up a Book

I’m often asked by my coaching networks and alumni, “How many books do I read?”  I typically read 5-7 books per week. That means I need to give myself an estimate of how long it will take me to read each book.  So, when I get ready to read a book, I like it to size it up. Here are … Read More

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Decide Now To Be a Reader!

The call to ministry is the call to prepare. Whether you have 40 years of ministry in front of you, or perhaps only 40 months, or even 4 years, whatever that might be.  Make the decision to say, “I’m going to be a life long leader.” As long as you’re leading, as long as you have another hill to take, … Read More

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How Pastors Can Read More

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How do you read so many books?” or “How do you read a book in a day?”  Well, I think it’s worthwhile giving you a little history of how my passion to read developed. I was not much of a reader before I became a Christian. In fact, I had … Read More

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Can I Help You Read More This Year?

Well, now they’ve done it! For years one of the frequently asked questions in my coaching networks has been “How can I read more?”  And for years I’ve been able to quietly give a tip or two in passing and move on, but now… The team here at Church Leader Insights has twisted my arm and convinced me to share … Read More

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