Reformation Week Giveaway – Free Articles Collection from My Private Library

Happy Reformation Week!  We are celebrating the 503rd Anniversary of the Reformation — and offering free downloads for you from my private library. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany — sparking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. ACCESS YOUR FREE RENEGADE PASTORS REFORMATION ARTICLES COLLECTION + MARTIN LUTHER REPORT … Read More

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Happy 88th birthday Dr. Elmer Towns – Free Article Collection!

If you haven’t yet met Dr. Elmer Towns, I’d like to introduce you to one of my mentors who is celebrating 88 years young today!  Dr. Towns is a spiritual giant who you’ll also find to be a great encourager to pastors. He is someone I have studied and looked up to since day one when I went into ministry. An expert in … Read More

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My top 10 best strategic tools to solve problems and reduce stress (just $49)

As pastors, we’re now being challenged in new ways, with new decisions to make on an almost-daily basis. As we’re hearing often (to put it mildly) these are “unprecedented” times. Tough times like these call for better strategic thinking — so you can make those wise decisions that will lead you and your church down the right path. We need to have … Read More

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What you need most at a time like this…($19 Leadership Skills)

$19 Leadership Skills

More than ever before, you’re being tested now as a church leader. Critical times like these call for next-level leadership. Challenging times like these are exactly when you need to focus on growing as a leader — to lead your church through this crisis and beyond. One of the best things you could be doing right now is to focus … Read More

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Church Growth Mistakes: How to Guarantee Your Church WON’T Grow

Today’s guest post comes to us from James Emery White, for There are five simple ways to make sure that your church will not reach its full redemptive potential. Follow one or more, and you can just about guarantee your church will not grow. First, make your church all about the people it already has. Their care, their comfort, … Read More

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7 Statistics that Predict Church Growth

Today’s guest post comes to us from Aaron Earls for Most American churches have 80 or fewer worshippers each week and fewer than 45 percent of churches have grown more than 2 percent in the last five years, according to a study from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. Ultimately, it is God who brings growth to churches, but … Read More

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Happy Birthday, Gary McIntosh!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of my friend and mentor, Dr. Gary McInstosh. Happy Birthday, Gary! Gary is an internationally known professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership. He combines a thorough knowledge of how churches grow with a desire to see people saved and assimilated into local churches. This has resulted in him becoming an in-demand expert on the … Read More

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Grow Your Church in 2018 – New Webinar Next Week

What church growth barriers are you struggling with right now? Why not make 2018 the year you break through them — and realize God’s great vision for your church! I’d like to help you break down those pesky growth barriers with a practical, proven road map to accelerating your church growth. That’s why you’re invited to join me next week … Read More

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Donald McGavran on Church Growth

“Church growth follows where Christians show faithfulness in finding the lost. The purpose is not to search, but to find…Church growth follows where the lost are not merely found but restored to normal life within the fold…When existing Christians, marching obediently under the Lord’s command and filled with his compassion, fold in the wanderers and feed the flock, then churches … Read More

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Happy Birthday, Donald McGavran

Happy 120th Birthday to Donald McGavran! Donald McGavran was one of the premier missiologists of the twentieth century and considered the father of the Modern-Day Church Growth Movement. He is the single most influential thinker on how we do ministry today. I never met Dr. McGavran. But I discovered his wisdom through those who came after him — through books … Read More

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