The Time to Start Your Easter Planning is NOW

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there’s a lot of time between today and Easter, now that it’s in April this year. But I’m raising the flag to tell you that NOW is time to start planning! Here are some tips to help you start preparing to double on Easter: Start praying for your Easter service now. Don’t wait … Read More

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Study: Conservative Doctrine as Church Growth Strategy

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Owen Strachan for The best way to grow a church is to hold conservative theology, and preach it. At least that’s what a recent Washington Post article states. David Millard Haskell (professor at Wilfrid Laurier University) just reported his peer-reviewed research on Canadian churches for the Post, here’s what he found (emphasis … Read More

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Donald McGavran on Church Growth

“Church growth follows where Christians show faithfulness in finding the lost. The purpose is not to search, but to find…Church growth follows where the lost are not merely found but restored to normal life within the fold…When existing Christians, marching obediently under the Lord’s command and filled with his compassion, fold in the wanderers and feed the flock, then churches … Read More

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Remembering Peter Wagner – Part 1 of 2

10 days ago today as I was returning home from my 2-Day Assimilation Intensive I heard the news: Peter Wagner is with the Lord. As I was traveling, I was in touch with several mutual friends who all knew Dr. Wagner and we had a nice time reminiscing and talking about his influence on our life. For me, his primary … Read More

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John Wesley’s Rules for Preachers

Today’s guest post comes to us from Nathan Finn for John Wesley (1703-1791) was one of the key leaders of the Evangelical Awakening in Britain during the mid-eighteenth century. Circumstances drove Wesley to adopt itinerant evangelistic preaching, an idea he picked up from his friend and former student George Whitefield. Once Wesley embraced itinerancy, he extended his movement’s influence by … Read More

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Global Megachurch Growth

Small churches out number U.S. megachurches nine to one. Each has their own unique local and global tasks. When John Vaughan, founder of Church Growth Today (1980), wrote the book, The World’s 20 Largest Churches (1985), there were only 27 known non-Catholic churches in the world with 6,000 plus weekend attendance. Eleven were in the United States. Today, more than … Read More

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Charismatic movement gaining traction in England

This guest post comes to us from Trevor Grundy for Religion News Service.  Church closings are nothing new in England. In the past six years, 168 Church of England churches have closed, along with 500 Methodist and 100 Roman Catholic churches. “Christianity in Britain has seen a relentless decline for over 100 years,” says Linda Woodhead, a sociologist at Lancaster University. … Read More

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Church Growth Principles from the Apostle Paul

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Charles Stone for Stonewell Ministries. Dr. Stone is an engineer, author, and founder of Stonewell Ministries, an organization that seeks to help pastors leverage their leadership for greater Kingdom impact. When I was in seminary Church Growth 101 was a required course. I took interest in the whole field and became a student … Read More

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Dimensions of Church Growth

Today’s post comes to us from Dr. Garry E. Milley, columnist for Christian Week and author of An Inconvenient Cross: Proclaiming Christ Crucified. Garry is also the Lead Pastor of Church in Oaks in London, Ontario. I wanted to call this article “On Introducing Change” but decided against it because, as Mark Twain is supposed to have said, “The only … Read More

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