The Five Stones of Financial Peace

You honor God with your finances through giving–through excelling at each giving stage and learning to live an open-handed life. As you make your climb up the generosity ladder, five big stones need to be in place in your financial life. These stones will give you solidarity and grounding as you move through the stages–or up the rungs–toward a life … Read More

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Generous Giving = Generous Living

Giving generously does not have anything to do with the actual dollar amount you give; it has everything to do with what that dollar amount is in proportion to your income. When you give over and above the minimum requirement, quickly and cheerfully, you are a generous giver, no matter where the decimal point falls. Mark tells us an interesting … Read More

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Expanding God’s Kingdom: Tithing in the Local Church

Often people question not the amount of a proper gift but where it should be given. Some people believe they should be able to distribute their tithe as they see fit. They want to control how their money is spent. If they aren’t happy with the way their local church handles its finances, they think they should have the freedom … Read More

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Saving for Eternity: Where is Your Money Going?

Understanding God’s ultimate ownership means that we also recognize our role as conduits of his resources. We were not put on this earth to amass treasures for ourselves but to let treasure pass through us and back to a greater purpose. The “get all we can while we can” mind-set that most of us live with is what has driven … Read More

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The Inclination to Give

An inclination to give is written on your soul, no matter how muted it may be by your present concerns or lack of belief. Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience to bring that God-given pull toward generosity to the surface. Horror novelist Stephen King is not usually associated with sharing timeless biblical principles. But in a commencement speech delivered to … Read More

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Christmas Charity: Making Your Gift Count

When you decide to step out of financial stress and get on the ladder toward financial peace, make sure you give your initial gift in a way that is identifiable and by which you can be held accountable. That means, first of all, that when you give your gift to your local church, do it through whatever offering system the … Read More

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Black Friday Sale: Save BIG on New Package Deals & Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving has come and gone — but today you have access to more than just leftovers! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with Black Friday savings on 16 powerful resources and package deals — up to 94% OFF! BLACK FRIDAY SALE INCLUDES 6 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PACKAGE DEALS FOR ALL YOUR MINISTRY CHALLENGES! Between now and the end of the … Read More

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