Black Friday Sale: Save BIG on New Package Deals & Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving has come and gone — but today you have access to more than just leftovers! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with Black Friday savings on 16 powerful resources and package deals — up to 94% OFF! BLACK FRIDAY SALE INCLUDES 6 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PACKAGE DEALS FOR ALL YOUR MINISTRY CHALLENGES! Between now and the end of the … Read More

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My New Book: Trade Financial Stress for Financial Freedom (Claim Your Bonuses)

I’m excited to introduce to you one of my most personal books yet. Going back to when I was in my early thirties, I looked around and realized I was in a big debt hole. My wife, Kelley, and I had married at a young age and made some foolish mistakes. After about five or six years of marriage, we … Read More

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Are you ready to stop stressing about money?

The Generosity Secret provides a proven strategy to break free from the financial stress that’s keeping you from pursuing your passions and living a joy-filled life. This systematic approach to handling money in a God-honoring way guides you step-by-step away from a life of financial strain to a new reality of financial health and freedom. It teaches you how to … Read More

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Why Do a Christmas Offering – and Why NOW (Free Video)

I have an odd question for you… Are you ready to celebrate Christmas? I know, I know, it’s only October, but now is the time to prepare for the most important offering you’ll collect all year – your Christmas Offering! A Christmas Offering is a special offering given during a set period of time around Christmas that encourages people to give over and above their regular … Read More

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Call Out Your Congregation – Let’s Do a Tithe Challenge

By now someone in your church has been called out to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. But what if you could challenge your congregation spiritually? While it doesn’t involve dumping icy cold water on people, it does require your church to get out of their comfort zone and further impact the Kingdom. Challenge your people to tithe – just for 90 days … Read More

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“Stewardship is Discipleship” – A Pastor’s Testimonial

I have a wonderful testimonial today on how a pastor challenged his church to step up in the area of stewardship – and the results that followed. Gregg Matte, senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, used the principles from my book, Maximize, to make an impact on his church’s giving. He recently shared this at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. Dave … Read More

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How the Tithe Challenge Helps Your Congregation Grow Spiritually

The number one reason to do a Tithe Challenge is to grow the people in your church.  The Tithe Challenge is really about discipleship. Perhaps the most profound equation I’ve ever heard regarding stewardship in a local church is that stewardship equals discipleship. I first heard Randy Alcorn say it. but since then I’ve heard others mention this concept — it … Read More

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Why Should Your Church do a Tithe Challenge?

I think this is a worthy question, “Why do a tithe challenge?” I could give you a list of probably 20 reasons, but here are my top five reasons:  1) It grows the people in your church. It disciples the people in your church.  It grows them closer to God.  It grows them more like Christ.  The tithe challenge, even though … Read More

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