Christmas Offering Documents and Envelope

Yesterday we talked about my free report on “How to Conduct a Christmas Offering.” Today I wanted to share with you the packets we created to promote our Christmas Offering.  I’m not sharing these documents because we got it ‘perfect!’  By no means.  Instead, this document may help you with language and formating for your offering. On Sunday I’m going … Read More

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Third Quarter Giving Letters (Free Downloads)

As promised, here’s our Third Quarter Giving letter.  Right click below to download: Main 2-Page Economic Hope Letter from me Small Church Stat Insert from Kerrick (Note: These may not be the final versions we actually mailed – they were proofed and designed on letterhead before the final two-color printing.  Thank God for proof readers!) We sent the two letters … Read More

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Challenge Others Toward Godly Stewardship – Pastor’s Financial Life: Part 5 of 5

Today, I’m wrapping up my five-part miniseries on the pastor’s financial life. I want to conclude by asking you to make this fourth and final commitment: 4 – I commit to challenging others toward Godly stewardship. Most pastors make the mistake of being too timid in the area of stewardship. We aren’t afraid to challenge our congregations on many other … Read More

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Live Debt Free – Pastor’s Financial Life: Part 2 of 5

Yesterday, I talked about four financial commitments I’ve made and that I’m challenging you to make. Today, let’s examine Commitment #1: 1. The commitment to be DEBT FREE for the rest of my life. In 2002, just after Kelley and I had started The Journey Church, we were surprised to discover that we had over $16,000 in credit card and … Read More

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Where There’s Slack There’s Lack – Part 6 of 8

SYSTEM #6: THE STEWARDSHIP SYSTEM Wednesday has rolled around again! Time for the weekly installation of our eight-part “Where There’s Slack There’s Lack” series. I’m particularly excited about the system we are looking at today. It’s a crucial system and one that’s surrounded by a lot of questions and misconceptions… Have you ever had a hard time getting new believers … Read More

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Are Your Big Givers Members?

Just before our last membership class at The Journey, a question came to me: How many of our Top 100 givers are members? I felt like God had prompted this question, so I asked our financial team to give me a list of everyone who is a Top 100 giver but not yet a member. When I got the list, … Read More

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Where There’s Slack There’s Lack – New Eight Week Series

INTRODUCTION: I’ve been playing with this phrase in my mind for quite a while now. It’s a true statement, don’t you agree? Where there’s slack (in energy or effort), there will be lack… a lack of fruit, a lack of results, a lack of passion… Those of you who are familiar with me and with Church Leader Insights are pretty … Read More

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