Challenge Others Toward Godly Stewardship – Pastor’s Financial Life: Part 5 of 5

Today, I’m wrapping up my five-part miniseries on the pastor’s financial life. I want to conclude by asking you to make this fourth and final commitment: 4 – I commit to challenging others toward Godly stewardship. Most pastors make the mistake of being too timid in the area of stewardship. We aren’t afraid to challenge our congregations on many other … Read More

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Pastor’s Financial Life: Part 1 of 5

For the last two months I’ve been preparing for Financial Peace, a new series we started on Sunday at The Journey. This preparation made me think about my own financial journey. If you know some of my story (and I won’t repeat it here) then you know that in my teenage/pre-Christian years I made a lot of money writing computer … Read More

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