What Changes Are Holding You Back?

I often hear from church leaders who are just one or two small changes away from seeing big results in one area or another of their church. It may be sending handwritten notes to first time guests (assimilation), planning their preaching calendar (worship planning) or printing custom offering envelopes and putting them in each week’s program (stewardship) but whatever the … Read More

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Should You Keep Mailing Offering Envelopes?

Any of you who have listened to The Stewardship Seminar or The Stewardship Intensive know that I am a firm believer in creating custom offering envelopes for your church and including them in each week’s program/bulletin. In fact, I shared our latest envelope design from The Journey (including our Christmas Offering info) in a post a few weeks ago (click … Read More

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Let Me Help You Plan Your Christmas Offering (Free Webinar Today)

In case you haven’t heard – I’m doing 4 webinars this week (today through Thursday) to help you plan and conduct your church’s Christmas Offering. I want to help you maximize your ministry potential and grow your people – don’t delay, register now! Here’s all the info: FREE – Register Now! Join Nelson Searcy in this 90-minute webinar without ever … Read More

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Stewardship Seminar Summary

With the current economic landscape, there has been a great deal of interest around the topic of church finances and stewardship in general. I think it’s a prime time for church leaders to clarify and communicate a biblical theology of money and to implement solid biblical principles within our churches. I got the opportunity to teach The Stewardship Seminar live … Read More

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Year End Giving Email

About 1/3 of most parachurch ministry income comes in during the month of December.  Often times we as church leaders miss this opportunity. Here’s an email I have going out to our church on Monday, December 29 – feel free to adapt it for your situation: Subject line: A courtesy reminder . . . (The Journey Church) This is a … Read More

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Bad Economy + Bad Decisions = Disaster

I continue to hear of a lot of pastors and church leaders making bad decisions because the economy is bad. If you make bad decisions when the economy is good, you may be able to ride it out with minimal effects.  But if you make bad decisions when the economy is bad, disaster is almost certain. Before you make any … Read More

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