How the Tithe Challenge Helps Your Congregation Grow Spiritually

Tithe-Challenge-web-icon3The number one reason to do a Tithe Challenge is to grow the people in your church.  The Tithe Challenge is really about discipleship.

Perhaps the most profound equation I’ve ever heard regarding stewardship in a local church is that stewardship equals discipleship. I first heard Randy Alcorn say it. but since then I’ve heard others mention this concept — it is impossible to to become a fully developing follower of Christ without also becoming a fully-developing steward of his resource.

In other words my stewardship of what God has entrusted to me, my time, talent, treasure, and testimony.  Here we are mainly talking about treasure.  But my stewardship of what God has entrusted to me is directly related to my discipleship.

Having spiritual habits (attending church, serving, fasting, etc.) is not enough.  If I don’t have proper stewardship of my resources, then it’s going to hinder my growth.

Not only does the Tithe Challenge grow Christians, but it also grows non-Christians.  We all know the very famous passage from Malachi 3 where God says, “Test me in this and let me prove that I exist, and see if I will not throw open the windows of heaven and pour our so much blessing that you simply cannot hold it.”

That passage applies equally to believer and non-believer.  I feel that the tithe challenge is a challenge that non-Christians will often accept as well–especially if they are in trouble with their finances.

Non-Christians have tried what the secular financial folks say.  They’ve tried managing their money the worldly way and that’s led to all kinds of problems inside of their life.  They come to church, and they’re looking for alternatives.

Once they get the tithe right, then their budget falls into place, expenses come into alignment, and then you get God’s help in your life.  This is what non-Christians are looking for!

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