Fusion Fridays: The Importance of Signage

“We all know the cultural importance of the phrase ‘location, location, location.’ Well, at church, the equally important phrase to remember is ‘signs, signs, signs’! Signs are the single best way to ensure that your guests can easily find what they need. Make sure you have clear signs pointing the way to: the restroom the children’s area And if your … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: The Keystone of Assimilation

“Creating an environment that makes your first-time guests feel welcomed and respected is key to a successful assimilation system. You can acknowlege your guests as the gifts God has blessed you with by having a pre-service system in place that will far exceed their expectations and create that elusive positive first impression. You’ll excite them to want to visit your … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: Four Components of a Successful Pre-service

“​There are four initial areas of contact through which you can influence your guests during the pre-serivce – through controlling how they are greeted, directed, treated, and seated. Greeted: Welcomed with a smile Directed: Simply and politely shown to where they need to go Treated: Happily surprised with comfort food/drink Seated: Led to comfortable, appropriate seats”         … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: The Pre-Service Mission

“The pre-service is your first opportunity for interaction with everyone who sets foot on your church’s property – from guests to members – but its purpose and influence are particularly important for first-time guests. Your pre-service mission is to take your guests’ guard down and even put a smile on their faces – before the service begins. Always assume they’ve … Read More

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Fusion Fridays: The Power of a First Impression

“Seven minutes is all you get to make a positive first impression. In the first seven minutes of contact with your church, your first-time guests will decide whether they are coming back. That’s before a single worship song is sung and before a single word of the message is uttered. This reality must prompt you and me to ask: What’s … Read More

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McIntosh on Welcoming Guests

“When we extend our hand of welcome to church guests, we extend God’s hand of grace.” – Gary McIntosh, Professor of Church Growth and Leadership

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Fusion Fridays: Reflecting Jesus’s Hospitality

“Understanding the importance of assimilation may require you to change the way you think about service. God has not only given us the responsibility of being hospitable to his guests, but he has also given us the perfect example of how to go about it. Jesus came to this earth to serve, not to be served. Throughout the New Testament, … Read More

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Fusion Friday: Integrating Guests into God’s Family

“Your church is a representation of the bigger family of God. As you put a system in place to effectively integrate guests into the family, you will be fulfilling part of the responsibility God placed on you when he prompted them your way. God is honored when you show your guests true biblical hospitality.”             … Read More

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