Q&A: Welcoming and following up with first-time guests

Today we’re revisiting one of the foundational church systems, Assimilation, and answering a few of the most common questions. Improving this system is the fastest way for your church to grow — especially coming out of a pandemic — so any time you invest here will reap great rewards later. Q: WHERE DO YOU START WHEN THERE IS NOTHING IN … Read More

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Maximize Your Church by Maximizing Your Systems

We all use systems to help us accomplish our objectives every day. Think about the system you have for getting dressed in the morning. You don’t put on your deodorant until you get out of the shower. You drink your coffee before you brush your teeth. Right? There’s a system to the way you prepare yourself for the day that … Read More

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Assimilation = Life Transformation

Did you have any first-time guests at your church this past Easter weekend? How many guests have you had in the last month? Over the last year? Each of those guests was a gift to you from God. Did your response show your appreciation? Did you have a plan in place to integrate them into the life of your church? … Read More

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Is your church family prepared for new guests this Easter?

As the old saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With Easter approaching — one of our biggest days of the year — I’d like to spin that a little and say: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Preparation is key to success in any endeavor. To leave your house in the morning, … Read More

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Why Assimilate?

“Assimilation leads to life transformation by giving people the means and opportunity to become maturing followers of Christ. In broad terms, assimilation can be defined as the process used to encourage your first-time guests to continue coming back until they see and understand God’s power, accept Jesus as Savior, and commit themselves to the local church through leadership.”     … Read More

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The 36-Hour Email Response to First-Time Guests

“The 36-Hour Email Response is almost the same in content as the letter we put in the free copies of Unshakable, plus an intentional postscript that’s meant to make a personal connection. Sending this email accomplishes three things: It follows up on those who did not take a book or read the letter  It lets guests know we are thinking … Read More

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Avoiding a Small Groups Roadblock

  “What if I were to tell you that the most powerful potential for your small groups lies in their ability to move people from the crowd to the congregation? What if I were to tell you that your small group system should be designed first and foremost for those who are not yet involved in it – those who … Read More

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The 2 Things You Should Say in Every New Guest Follow-up Email

“Within a day and a half after their visit, each and every one of your first-time guests should receive an email that (1) thanks them for attending your church and (2) invites them to come back. Make sure you do both of these things. Too often, churches thank their guests for attending but fail to give them a direct invitation … Read More

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Assimilation Opens Unchurched Hearts

“At The Journey, the crux of assimilation is also the heart of our overall mission: to give people the best possible opportunity to become fully developing followers of Jesus Christ. We know, as I’m sure you do, that the majority of people who visit a church do not come to Christ on their first visit – or their second or … Read More

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