Cyber Monday – Best-selling Seminars, Sermons + Books Up to 94% OFF

Computer chair adjusted, mouse ready, Internet connection good — it’s time for Cyber Monday! In case you missed it, I’ve extended exclusive discounts on 48 systems best-sellers, leadership seminars, sermon series, bulk books and more — starting at just $5! SAVE UP TO 94% – CYBER MONDAY SALE – CHOOSE FROM 48 BEST-SELLING RESOURCES! This is your last opportunity to … Read More

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Black Friday Sale going on NOW – Choose from 48 resources up to 94% Off

Thanksgiving has come and gone — but today you have access to more than just leftovers! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with Black Friday savings on seminars, sermon series, team editions and even bulk books! BLACK FRIDAY SALE – AS LOW AS $5! Choose from 48 resources – Up to 94% OFF Click here to check out all the details and save big now!  I’ve gone through … Read More

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Dwight Moody on Influence

“Small numbers make no difference to God. There is nothing small that God is in.” – D.L. Moody, American evangelist and publisher

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Break Through Your Next Growth Barrier in 2017 – FREE Webinar

Growing your church may sometimes feel like an uphill battle – IF you don’t know where to start. Don’t be paralyzed by growth barriers – I’d like to help you break through and reach the maximum potential of your church to create more disciples for Christ! I want to help your church grow and reach more people than ever, so … Read More

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New Webinar: Break Through Your Next Growth Barrier This Fall

Last week we had a 4-day meeting with our Journey Pastors to pray for and plan for our most impactful Fall ever. It was a great meeting – we reminded each other of our vision, laid out plans in great detail, dealt with challenges head on, etc. While we were all exhausted on Friday, I have to tell you, I walked … Read More

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Age and Religious Identity in America

Today’s guest post comes to us from Michael Lipka, a Senior Editor at Pew Research Center. The U.S. religious landscape is already in the midst of some dramatic changes when it comes to the growth or decline of people with certain religious identities. And while it is impossible to predict exactly how that landscape will shift in the future, some key … Read More

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How to Use a BIG Day in Your Church (Boot Camp Week EXCLUSIVE)

This week I’m focused on Evangelism. How can I help you: Double your attendance?  Mobilize your church for evangelism? Equip your people to reach more people for Christ? You see this week I’m leading our Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp. Our theme is “reaching the unchurched.” Since you’re unable to be here, I want to share with you one … Read More

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Summer Sale – HALF OFF All 8 Healthy Church Systems Seminars!

Why do some churches grow and others don’t?  I often get asked this from pastors, with the follow-up question, “So, what’s their secret?”  As if there’s something those pastors know that others don’t. After coaching over 2,100 pastors in all denominations, I have a very clear answer on this – there IS a System. Eight of them to be exact. And they … Read More

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