Britian is Ceasing to be a Christian Country

The following guest post comes to us from The Spectator, a weekly publication from the United Kingdom. We’ve seen research studies that show Christianity is on the decline in America and now this new report shows that Christianity is officially a minority in the UK. The study shows a full 48% of the population there now choose no religion at all! … Read More

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Secrets to Reaching the Unchurched – Bootcamp Early Bird Ends Friday!

Healthy churches have healthy systems – it’s the key to growth! That’s why I’m back in Orlando next month the All-New Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp.    This is THE event where I reveal the latest and most impactful lessons on ALL 8 Systems of a healthy church. The tools and strategies you learn at Boot Camp will have a big impact on your ministry and … Read More

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ENDS TODAY: $49 Sale – Church Growth Principles of John Wesley

Though John Wesley lived more than 300 years ago, when we look closer at Wesley’s story, it’s clear how similar his situation was to ours – and how applicable his leadership principles are to ministry TODAY. In his day, there was also a great anti-Christian movement. There was a great need for renewal and revival. There was a need for structure and organization in order … Read More

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ENDS TOMORROW – Super Early Bird rate for Systems Boot Camp

I  know with the short week you’re also short of time so I’ll be quick – Space is filling up for my next big event, the All-New Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp, and the Super Early Bird rate ends TOMORROW, Friday, June 3! We’re back at Walt Disney World on Wednesday, July 20 through Friday, July 22 for three days of the most practical, proven, … Read More

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3 for one – church growth resources! Next 99 Pastors Only!

I’d like to help you accelerate your growth – both personally and pastorally – by giving you THREE of my best-selling resources today for the price of one ($149.95 value)! This powerful pack of resources will give you new tools and strategies to reach more people for Christ, accelerate your leadership growth for maximum impact AND cooperate with God to grow your church! It’s … Read More

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Memorial Day Sale: Leadership Lessons from John Wesley

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, as we celebrate those who serve our country. I was reminded that this week in 1738, John Wesley had his salvation experience. Wesley has described that moment as: “I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation.”  He would go on to start a Christian … Read More

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Lessons from The Difference Maker: Extend an Invitation

  “The number one reason people attend church for the first time – that is, the number one reason people step into an environment where they can hear the truth about Jesus proclaimed – is because someone they respect invited them. Be that someone.”  – Nelson Searcy The above quote is from p. 28 of The Difference Maker: Using Your Everyday Life … Read More

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Only 4 Times Left! FREE Church Growth Webinar (with Bonuses)

You might be surprised to learn that, while most pastors assume Summer is a time of struggle and suffering (think: the SUMMER SLUMP), it IS possible to leverage the Summer months to lead your church to greater health and growth. Will you join me for this brand new FREE Grow Your Church This Summer webinar to discover the proven principles to make the … Read More

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