Get a Grip: Managing Your Emotional Health

Emotional health isn’t quite as easy to pin down as physical health. There are no numbers to measure just how emotionally fit you are. Psychologists define emotional health as overall psychological well-being. It is a combination of the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulty. People … Read More

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The Well of Wellness: How Water Promotes Weight Loss

When there is enough of it, water accomplishes some amazing things in your body. Water gives you energy; regulates digestion by breaking down and flushing waste; helps stabilize blood pressure; clears toxins from your body; reduces the chance of kidney stones; helps maintain your body’s proper acid and alkaline balance; improves focus and mental acuity; and hydrates your skin and … Read More

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Thinking About Thinking

Since the quality of your life is so directly tied to the quality of your internal dialogue, you must do all you can to shape that dialogue for your own good. Understanding the power of your thoughts or knowing you need to change is not enough. You have to take specific action. Here are some practical steps you can take … Read More

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The New You: Your Thoughts and Your Health

How do you feel today? Are you tired? Are you sick? Maybe you are feeling healthy, happy, and on top of the world. Here is something that may surprise you: how you feel has almost everything to do with how you think you feel. If you wake up in the morning thinking about how tired you are and wishing you … Read More

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Energy Equations: How to Have Better Emotional Health

The Latin derivative for the word emotion literally means “energy in motion.” So emotion equals energy in motion. That is why discovering how to manage your energy well will give you the emotional (and physical) get-up-and-go it takes to become the new you. When you have more energy, you will approach life more proactively. You will want to get out … Read More

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Sidestepping Stress: The Stress-Health Connection

Walking in the fullness of the new you goes beyond eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest. To achieve and maintain true health, you also have to learn to handle the stress in your life. Otherwise, it will derail your other efforts, keeping you overweight, sick, emotionally bound, and quite possibly taking you to an early grave. When you begin … Read More

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The Importance of Sleep to Fulfill Your Calling

Your body was crafted for sleep. When God knit you together, he fashioned your systems in such a way that they need deep rest in order to function properly. Without sleep, breakdown begins. Don’t take it from us; with every passing year, more and more scientific evidence emerges to underscore the importance of quality sleep. Study after study shows that … Read More

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The Bottom Line for Good Health

Healthy living is something easy to overlook, especially when you are young. The sooner you decide to live a healthy life, the better off you will be and the more effective your ministry will be. All the books you can read about healthy living boil down to two essential keys: exercise and a healthy diet. If you decide that you will … Read More

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How to Strengthen Your Personal and Spiritual Foundation

When you’re feeling out of sorts, you may need to strengthen your personal and spiritual foundation. There are two main categories to consider when doing this: public activities and private disciplines. When you are feeling emotionally drained, anxious, or depressed, lean even harder on both. Make sure to be intentional about the following: Your connection with your church. Stay connected … Read More

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