Registration Open Now for New Kingdom Impact Conference

Hey, I have a special invitation for you today for an event that is unlike any conference I have led before. I hope you can be a part of this small gathering of motivated pastors. Because we’re going to work through some unique questions: 1 – How do you use every minute of your life (walk with God, family, church, friendships, … Read More

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Fulfilling Your Calling: Slack Leads to Lack

Fulfilling your calling inherently means rising to the highest level of potential God has put in you. In order to reach your potential, you need a coach. Why shouldn’t you? The greatest business leaders, entertainers and athletes the world has ever known have had coaches to guide them to the top of their game. As part of your personal growth … Read More

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4 Helpful Tips for Effective Project Marking

Many tasks you tackle will be small enough to complete in a single sitting. But for those larger projects, you must always be able to track where you are. Marking where you left on a project is a relatively simple step you must take for your own sake and for that of your reputation, your staff, volunteers, and your church. … Read More

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The Bottom Line for Good Health

Healthy living is something easy to overlook, especially when you are young. The sooner you decide to live a healthy life, the better off you will be and the more effective your ministry will be. All the books you can read about healthy living boil down to two essential keys: exercise and a healthy diet. If you decide that you will … Read More

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Companions in Christ: What God Says About Close Friends

God created us to have close relationships. When we don’t have these close relationships, we are actually living out of step with the way God created us. The great people of God had companions, almost without exception. (The ones who didn’t often found themselves in trouble.) We could start with Adam and Eve. Moses had Aaron as his companion. The … Read More

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Zero Distractions: How to Work in Blocks of Time

Pastors wear so many hats–preacher, counselor, human resources manager, maybe even plumber–that it may seem impossible at first to group similar tasks into blocks of time. Many of us are so accustomed to jumping from one activity to another that it would be hard to break the cycle. But for renegade pastors, working in blocks of time is a great … Read More

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