4 Helpful Tips for Effective Project Marking

Many tasks you tackle will be small enough to complete in a single sitting. But for those larger projects, you must always be able to track where you are. Marking where you left on a project is a relatively simple step you must take for your own sake and for that of your reputation, your staff, volunteers, and your church. … Read More

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Taking Care of Your Body to Protect the Church Body

We are amazing creations of God, creations that cannot be separated into neat little compartments. When one part of us suffers, we suffer in every area. In particular, when we don’t feel well physically, we get dragged down mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We find our energy level decreasing simply because our bodies can’t keep up the frantic pace of ministry. … Read More

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Don’t Waste Energy Worrying: How to Fight One Day at a Time

Matthew 6:34 states, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” In this verse, Jesus encourages His followers not to worry about the future. He says, “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” In other words, you can fight against stress and frustrations only one day at a time. … Read More

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New Year’s Half Off Sale – Ends Friday!

As we wrap up this year today, I want you to kick-start 2015 with maximum energy and impact! My first resolution is to help you do exactly that by equipping you with the resources you need – so I’m giving you dozens of my most powerful training resources for up to 50% off in the BIG NEW YEAR’S HALF OFF SALE! There are over … Read More

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The #1 Mistake Church Planters Make When Launching a New Church

Did you know– The majority of church starts fail within the first year.  Why?  Because the majority of church planters start churches without a clear calling from God. In order to plant a healthy church, you have to know that you are undeniably called by God.  Period.  So do you know for sure that God has called you to start a new Church? … Read More

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Attn: Church Planters – Join Me In Orlando NEXT Friday for The One Day Launch Conference!

Let’s face it – church planting is difficult. Successful church planters must have a unique faith, a clear call from God and a leadership ability that sets them apart. Starting a new church is both a profound spiritual journey and a challenging entrepreneurial endeavor all at the same time. Compounding all this is that many church planters feel as though … Read More

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Q & A: What About People from Other Churches?

I recently got this question from a friend in New Hampshire who attended the recent Launch Conference that Kerrick and I did here in the city: “How do you handle people from other churches who want to join your church?” This is a great question that we all should wrestle with.  There are three types of church growth: Conversion Growth … Read More

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Launch En Espanol

I just found out that my book “Launch:Starting A New Church From Scratch” is being translated into Spanish. Hola! OK, now I’ve exhausted the extent of my spanish, even though I had two years in high school (in defense of Mrs. Williams, my teacher, I can read spanish much better than I can speak it!). I don’t know yet when … Read More

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