New Year’s Half Off Sale – Ends Friday!

As we wrap up this year today, I want you to kick-start 2015 with maximum energy and impact! My first resolution is to help you do exactly that by equipping you with the resources you need – so I’m giving you dozens of my most powerful training resources for up to 50% off in the BIG NEW YEAR’S HALF OFF SALE! There are over … Read More

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The #1 Mistake Church Planters Make When Launching a New Church

Did you know– The majority of church starts fail within the first year.  Why?  Because the majority of church planters start churches without a clear calling from God. In order to plant a healthy church, you have to know that you are undeniably called by God.  Period.  So do you know for sure that God has called you to start a new Church? … Read More

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Attn: Church Planters – Join Me In Orlando NEXT Friday for The One Day Launch Conference!

Let’s face it – church planting is difficult. Successful church planters must have a unique faith, a clear call from God and a leadership ability that sets them apart. Starting a new church is both a profound spiritual journey and a challenging entrepreneurial endeavor all at the same time. Compounding all this is that many church planters feel as though … Read More

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Q & A: What About People from Other Churches?

I recently got this question from a friend in New Hampshire who attended the recent Launch Conference that Kerrick and I did here in the city: “How do you handle people from other churches who want to join your church?” This is a great question that we all should wrestle with.  There are three types of church growth: Conversion Growth … Read More

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Launch En Espanol

I just found out that my book “Launch:Starting A New Church From Scratch” is being translated into Spanish. Hola! OK, now I’ve exhausted the extent of my spanish, even though I had two years in high school (in defense of Mrs. Williams, my teacher, I can read spanish much better than I can speak it!). I don’t know yet when … Read More

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