Remembering Billy Graham today (free ministry gifts for you)

Today marks the anniversary of Billy Graham’s death. So today we are remembering the life and legacy of the 20th century’s greatest evangelist. And I have two free gifts for you that celebrate Graham’s impact and guide you in your own ministry (below). As he did for many, he impacted me in profound ways. In 1989, his book Peace with God was … Read More

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Black Friday Sale going on NOW – Choose from 48 resources up to 94% Off

Thanksgiving has come and gone — but today you have access to more than just leftovers! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with Black Friday savings on seminars, sermon series, team editions and even bulk books! BLACK FRIDAY SALE – AS LOW AS $5! Choose from 48 resources – Up to 94% OFF Click here to check out all the details and save big now!  I’ve gone through … Read More

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Black Friday Early Access: 48 Seminars, Sermons + Books – As Low as $5!

Before you take a much-deserved Thanksgiving break this week with family and friends, and while that turkey starts to defrost, take advantage of Early Access to our biggest Black Friday deals ever…. You’ll enjoy super discounts on 48 systems best-sellers, leadership seminars, sermon series, bulk books and more — starting at just $5! SAVE UP TO 94%! BLACK FRIDAY SALE EARY ACCESS THRU FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26th … Read More

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Black Friday Sale: Save BIG on New Package Deals & Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving has come and gone — but today you have access to more than just leftovers! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with Black Friday savings on 16 powerful resources and package deals — up to 94% OFF! BLACK FRIDAY SALE INCLUDES 6 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PACKAGE DEALS FOR ALL YOUR MINISTRY CHALLENGES! Between now and the end of the … Read More

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Rise of the “Nones”: A New Evangelism Challenge – Part 2 of 2

Last week in the first part of this blog series, I explained that a new trend is emerging in parts of the country — places that traditionally have been more religious are now starting to resemble highly unchurched areas, like New York and California. Recent studies from Pew Research Center confirm this decline of Christianity and the increasing secularization of … Read More

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Rise of the “Nones”: A New Evangelism Challenge – Part 1 of 2

Early on in my ministry, I started working in highly “unchurched” areas. When I walked down the streets of Orange County, California, I was struck by how many people would admit their religious NON-affiliation — that they either used to be a Christian, grew up Christian or they didn’t go to church at all. Since then all The Journey Church … Read More

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Carey’s Missionary Motto

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” – William Carey, “Father of Modern Missions”, Particular Baptist minister, and founder of Serampore College in India August 17, 1761 – June 9, 1834

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Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism

Today’s guest post comes to us from Tony Merida for “If you build it, they will come.” I like the movie Field of Dreams, but it’s a terrible evangelism strategy for church planters. Most unbelievers have no interest in joining you this Sunday. Simply offering a “good product” isn’t enough in this post-Christian world. It doesn’t matter how cool … Read More

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Wagner on Effective Evangelism

“The single most effective evangelistic method under heaven is planting new churches.” – C. Peter Wagner, theologian, missionary, writer, teacher, and church growth specialist

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Summer is for Outreach (Part 2 of 2)

In the first of this two-part blog post, I defined Servant Evangelism as doing intentional acts of kindness with the express purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s a powerful tool, especially when it comes to reaching the unchurched. It’s called Servant Evangelism (SE), and it can easily become part of a healthy evangelism system inside of your … Read More

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