Free Live Webcast – 6 Differences Between Small Groups That Work and Those That Don’t

Over the past year, both online and in-person Small Groups have been very important in keeping people connected to the church, to their faith and to each other. At The Journey, we consistently have over 100% of our average Sunday attendance in Small Groups each semester. And in all Journey locations, we’re holding Small Groups online and in person — … Read More

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Summer Sermons Sale: My newest and best series – Over 75% OFF

Summer Sermons Sale

School’s out, temperatures are warming up and Summer is (almost) here — a great time to kick off planning for your Summer and Fall teaching series. So starting today you can choose from 24 of our best sermon series for over 75% off! Preaching sure requires a lot of advanced planning — but these resources will cut your planning time dramatically! I’ve already gone through my full library of powerful, “done-for-you” sermons to provide you with this list of … Read More

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Full House, Powerful Talks – LIVE from the Renegade Pastors Conference

Here in Orlando, I’ve been honored to spend three days leading the Renegade Pastors Conference, with over 250 pastors from every area of the country and even outside the US. And what have we been focusing on? Ways to abandon average in life and ministry — from facing your fear of criticism head-on to taking time to replenish your own soul. Just some of the content … Read More

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The Power of ONE Idea

History recounts over and over again a number of times where a single, light switch-flipping insight made all the difference in the world. All it could take to radically transform your church from a plateaued or declining church to a thriving, local outpost for Christ-centered life change is a single, great idea. Over the years, I’ve heard story after story … Read More

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Treat First-Time Guests with “Raving Fan” Service

A first-time guest wants to feel respected and welcomed. He wants to know that you are happy he’s there, and that you are serious about making sure he has a good experience. The way you, your team, and your regular attenders treat him and his family will tell him most of what he needs to know. Sadly, a large majority … Read More

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10 Things Church Guests Never Want to Hear

As we gear up for summer first-time guests, here is a great reminder on what NOT to do in welcoming them, from Ben Reed, the small groups pastor at Long Hollow, a multi-site church in the Nashville, TN area. Our pastor isn’t normally this ________. We’re full. Sorry.  What are you doing here? You can’t serve now … you’ve got … Read More

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Upgrade Your Church’s Systems this Summer at Disney World!

I would like to invite you to join me at the don’t-miss LIVE event of the year – The Church Systems Check-Up and Bootcamp. The Church Systems Check-Up and Bootcamp is where we cover the latest learnings on each of the eight systems (Evangelism, Assimilation, Leadership, etc.) and focus on NEW areas of the systems that have never been addressed. This event is the … Read More

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Last Chance – New FREE E-book : Secret to Maximum Church Growth! (It’s in your numbers)

Many pastors think there’s a secret to Church growth.  Many wonder “why isn’t my church growing?” However, many churches are growing, but you just don’t realize it because you’re not tracking all the right numbers. Keeping track of attendance is just one way to determine church growth, but it’s not the only way. You have to track the right numbers … Read More

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What is a Renegade Pastor?

What exactly is a renegade pastor? A renegade is someone who has abandoned average in favor of excellence.  He is a rebel with a purpose– someone who rises up against resistance, mediocrity, and conformity.  A renegade is not a lawbreaker.  He’s is not contrarian for contrarianism’s sake.  He is not looking for a fight with other church leaders, but with … Read More

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