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As churches reopen and we prepare to do ministry this fall (hopefully getting closer to a Post-Coronavirus World), it’s a great time to evaluate your staffing needs so you’re ready to meet the new challenges ahead.

In fact, NOW is the perfect time to grow your staffing skills, so that you can grow an effective team…and ultimately grow your church to new heights.

The problem: Staffing is not among any pastor’s favorite things to do. In fact, nothing will keep you awake at night or break your heart more than staffing issues.

I know this very well. For way too many years, I struggled with effectively managing and motivating staff, knowing when (or even how) to hire staff and, not to be too harsh, how to fire (or de-hire) poor performing, but often good-hearted, staff.

I’ve made my share of mistakes. And I’ve seen coaching members make mistakes that have seriously hurt their momentum, membership and growth. So I also know that nothing will lower your stress level and raise your leadership effectiveness more than investing in the skills necessary to lead, manage and grow a healthy staff.

The good news is that you don’t have to make these same costly mistakes. I’ve mapped out for you a proven staffing process, now Completely Revised & Updated based on 20+ years of leading a growing staff and coaching others to do the same. Some strategies and tools required small tweaks; others needed radical shifts.

And as part of this process, I developed new documents, forms and checklists to avoid any more staffing mistakes and leave bad hires, poor morale and general staff mismanagement in the past!

I made a vow years ago to become an expert on staffing. And now you too can master this in-depth yet easy-to-use process for finding, hiring, managing and helping staff succeed!


Looking back from where I am today, back to the beginning of my managerial career, I estimate that I’ve hired, managed and de-hired upwards of 2,000 people. And through all this time, here’s what I’ve noticed most:

The more a church grows, the more time you have to spend on staffing.

If you let it, staffing will very quickly become a growth barrier in your church, a growth barrier that never goes away.

I want to teach you my complete staffing system. It’s based around the four areas of recruiting, hiring, managing and de-hiring staff. This is EVERYTHING I’ve learned about church staffing in one packed, nearly 6-hour workshop — and it’s only for the pastor who really cares.

In addition to my staffing system — a system I’ve learned the hard way over the years as well as hammered out with my coaching alumni in churches of all types and sizes — I’m also sharing all my supplemental forms, documents, checklists and actual files that you can begin to use IMMEDIATELY to help you in all areas of staffing. Most of these are private internal documents I’ve never shared before.

I will lead you through five sessions of training:

Session 1: Introduction & 10 Staffing Lessons

Session 2: Recruiting

Session 3: Hiring Process

Session 4: Managing

Session 5: De-hiring & Conclusion

PLUS: When you select the option of downloadable videos, you can watch all five sessions of me teaching, recorded from the original live event.

Click here to learn more and see everything you will receive in the Revised & Updated Staffing Workshop.

Dedicated to helping you lead an effective church,


P.S. This workshop is like a graduate course in church staffing — the result of years of reading, consultation and real-world experience growing a healthy, multi-site church, plus influenced by over 3,000 other pastors who are part of my coaching network.

I know you will find it immensely helpful.

In fact, what would a great resource be without a GREAT GUARANTEE. So here’s the no-hassle, no-weasel guarantee for this resource:

** Invest in this resource, listen to it and use it how you like over the next year and if anytime during the next 365 days you don’t feel like this resource is worth FOUR times your investment, just call us and we’ll gladly refund your money. **

Go ahead and check it out for yourself:

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