Brand New Resource – How People Come to Faith in Christ

What if you could hear from those who recently received Christ and connected with a church — and ask them what influenced those decisions? What if you knew what MOST attracted people to your church and what evangelism methods you should focus on to have the biggest impact? And what if you could also focus your staff and your congregation on the things THEY can … Read More

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NEW Resource! The Finishing Well Seminar

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21) These encouraging words from Jesus are what every pastor wants to hear. Especially when the path we’re on seems long, treacherous and difficult to navigate. Still, in our mission to grow the Kingdom, we want to finish well, don’t we? Isn’t this our goal, as Paul so vividly illustrates: “I have … Read More

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Exclusive Talk: Avoiding the Summer Stewardship Slump

Just a few days ago, I shared some insider tips on “How to Avoid the Summer Stewardship Slump” with my coaching networks. A number of members came to me afterwards and said I should make this available to the broader Church Leader Insights family (that includes you!). As you know, summer is fast approaching but it’s NOT TOO LATE to improve … Read More

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Meet the professor I wish I’d had

In my 25 years of ministry I’ve had the privilege of hearing first-hand from the greatest church history teachers and experts in church growth. And the more I dive into our recent history, the more I discover incredible insights and applications to church growth today! So I want to share one of my favorite professors with you. Dr. Elmer Towns has been an … Read More

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NEW RESOURCE: Why People Leave Church (and What You Can Do About It)

It hurts when people leave our churches . . . people who have been around for a long time; people who are relatively new; people who have experienced life change at our churches. People leave church! It’s a reality of ministry. I live with it and so do you. But can we do more than just live with the fact … Read More

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