Brand New Resource – How People Come to Faith in Christ

What if you could hear from those who recently received Christ and connected with a church — and ask them what influenced those decisions? What if you knew what MOST attracted people to your church and what evangelism methods you should focus on to have the biggest impact? And what if you could also focus your staff and your congregation on the things THEY can … Read More

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9 Biblical Church Growth Principles to Build a Faithful Church

So how much do you want your church to grow? It actually depends how you answer this larger question — How much do you believe God wants your church to grow?  After all, Jesus didn’t say, I may build it or I might build it. He said, I WILL build it.  God wants his church to grow! He is not a God of a static, plateaued or declining church — He is … Read More

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Barriers to Evangelism

Today’s blog comes to us from my friend and fellow church growth strategist, Dr. Gary McIntosh. Gary is Professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership at Talbot School of Theology, and author of over 20 books and 100 articles on church growth, leadership, evangelism and pastoral ministry. Gary will also be joining me this summer as a keynote speaker at the … Read More

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