Brand New Resource – How People Come to Faith in Christ

What if you could hear from those who recently received Christ and connected with a church — and ask them what influenced those decisions?

What if you knew what MOST attracted people to your church and what evangelism methods you should focus on to have the biggest impact?

And what if you could also focus your staff and your congregation on the things THEY can do best to raise the evangelistic climate in your church?

Would you be interested? 

As church leaders, we’ve all learned different methods for winning people to faith in Christ. But unfortunately what worked and what we knew to be true twenty years ago is not accurate today. We’re relying on old statistics that are no longer valid.

What we need to know is how men and women are finding faith in today’s world.  That research has not existed – until now.

My friend and fellow church growth expert Dr. Gary McIntosh recognized this need and conducted a 10-year study of how people are coming to faith in Christ today.

His research covered over 1,000 new people in churches across America; these churches spanned multiple denominations and across a variety of cities.

How People Come to FaithAnd now in this exclusive new resource, How People Come to Faith in Christ, you’ll hear directly from Dr. McIntosh on the findings of this multi-year research project: a report on the methods that most influenced people to come to faith — and its applications for YOU. 

In this in-depth examination of Dr. McIntosh’s study and its applications, you will discover: 

  • The person who MOST influences people to attend church
  • The simplest yet most powerful tool you can use to reach the unchurched
  • The true impact of “friendship evangelism”
  • Importance of location, location, location
  • What demographic and cultural changes you’ll be facing in the future — and need to prepare for TODAY
  • and much more!

This exclusive resource is about restoring evangelism to a primary place in ministry — both in the pulpit and within the congregation. 

So as an introductory special – so you have the greatest opportunity for success in applying these research insights to your own evangelism efforts – today you can save over 89%! The total retail value of this package is $1,274.90 – but you can download everything for only $39.95 TODAY THROUGH FRIDAY, January 8th!

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Dr. McIntosh’s report reveals insights into the methods being used fruitfully for evangelism today. You will walk away with specific applications that you can immediately start using in your church to spark an evangelistic fire and effectively reach more people for Christ!

Your partner in ministry,


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