Exclusive Talk: Avoiding the Summer Stewardship Slump

Just a few days ago, I shared some insider tips on “How to Avoid the Summer Stewardship Slump” with my coaching networks. A number of members came to me afterwards and said I should make this available to the broader Church Leader Insights family (that includes you!).

As you know, summer is fast approaching but it’s NOT TOO LATE to improve your giving and end the summer stronger than when you began.

You really have two options in how you move forward this month – plan in the summer or beg in the fall. 

Of course, the prevailing myth is that you can’t avoid the “summer slump” in stewardship. That there’s nothing you can do to affect giving in your church this summer.

Don’t believe it!

The truth is there ARE proven things you can do to flatten that summer dip, and make sure it’s a minor one instead of a drastic drop-off.

At the heart of this power-packed new resource is eight specific ways you can avoid the summer slump, both now and in the future. Plus, other insights that you can implement now . . . it’s not too late!

nelsonsearcy-637f73ef-0569-4585-8e94-edbfcc5e9aa3-v2You’re invited to join me behind the scenes for a never-before-released private talk that I delivered just a few days ago to my Renegade Pastors coaching network –Avoiding the Summer Stewardship Slump.

You can now get the unedited recordings of this new coaching talk that was too critical to keep within the network. But this will not be available for long – or at this super low investment – ONLY through THIS Friday, June 12th! 

Limited Release – Click Here to Pick Up this Exclusive Resource for Only $24 ($49.95 value)!

The average church tends to just “glide” through the summer. But through these strategies and tactics, you can choose to GROW – and abandon average.

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P.S. I hope you’ll join me “behind the scenes” for this exclusive BRAND NEW talk on how to avoid the summer stewardship slump. It’s very rare that you’ll get an opportunity to access a private coaching session like this!

Click here to pick up my exclusive unedited talk on Avoiding the Summer Stewardship Slump and receive over $1,110.20 in additional bonuses – including THREE FREE MONTHS of my Renegade Pastors Network (a $297.00 value) – for the incredibly low investment of only $24!

Act fast – this resource is ONLY available this week – today through Friday, June 12th! 

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