The Renegade Pastor – Abandon Average! New Hardcover Book – Just $1

As a leader you must continually position yourself for growth – the health of your ministry depends on it. And as a leader you bear full responsibility for that growth. Just like you can’t force the people in your church to grow, no one can force you. The choice to keep growing is yours – and yours alone. Attendance at … Read More

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What is a Renegade Pastor?

What exactly is a renegade pastor? A renegade is someone who has abandoned average in favor of excellence.  He is a rebel with a purpose– someone who rises up against resistance, mediocrity, and conformity.  A renegade is not a lawbreaker.  He’s is not contrarian for contrarianism’s sake.  He is not looking for a fight with other church leaders, but with … Read More

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Becoming More than Mediocre – Average vs Renegade!

You don’t intend to end up average.  You don’t start out in ministry thinking, You know, my goal is to do average things with average people in an average way. But I bet some of you can relate to feeling average.  Despite your lofty visions and goals, the unrelenting pull of average is real and powerful.  There is a daily, weekly, … Read More

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