Becoming More than Mediocre – Average vs Renegade!

RP-Book-3DYou don’t intend to end up average.  You don’t start out in ministry thinking, You know, my goal is to do average things with average people in an average way.

But I bet some of you can relate to feeling average.  Despite your lofty visions and goals, the unrelenting pull of average is real and powerful.  There is a daily, weekly, monthly grind that breeds mediocrity over time.  Resistance is a live, active force.

When you understand the state of the average church and the personal well-being of the average pastor, its not hard to see why the devil wants you to be average.

Let’s take a look at the Average Pastor.

The Average Pastor-


  • Attendance declining by 9% every year
  • Always behind on budget
  • Lacking sufficient volunteers
  • Seeking a new pastor every 18 months
  • Unable to say yes to God’s purposes


  • Frustrated
  • Short on time
  • Lives a reactive life
  • Has strained relationships with family and friends
  • Not experiencing fulfillment

Given these realities, do you think God has any desire for you to be average?

If you want to grow a healthy church and have a happy personal life, one of the best things you can do is to look at what the majority of pastors are doing and do the opposite.  In other words, decide to go renegade!

The Renegade Pastor- 

Defining Characteristics: 

  • Abandons average
  • Challenges status quo thinking
  • Obedient to God
  • Rebels against resistance and mediocrity
  • Contrarian for Kingdom purposes
  • Student of what works and what doesn’t work in life and ministry
  • Passionately abandoned to the plans of God

Additional Qualities: 

  • Pastors a healthy, growing church
  • Enjoys authentic relationships with family and friends
  • Dedicates time to personal and professional growth
  • Lives a proactive life
  • Experiences fulfillment in life and ministry

The differences between an average pastor and a renegade pastor are strikingly clear, so the question becomes: How do you bridge the divide between the two?  The answer lies in the commitments you choose to make.

Your partner in ministry,


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