LAST CHANCE – 7 Secrets to Thriving on a Church Staff

If you’re looking to expand your influence as a staff pastor, I have exciting news for you! Over the past week, my team released a brand new resource just for staff members where you will discover the 7 most important principles to reigniting your passion for your church and your ministry and increasing your value and effectiveness to the rest … Read More

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How to Handle a Staff Member Resigning – FREE Checklist

One of the most difficult situations you’ll ever face in leading a church staff is when someone resigns. I’ve learned from my own personal experience at The Journey that whether it’s a “good” resignation or a “not so good” one, it’s almost always emotional. And it’s easy to miss important steps in the process if you’re not prepared ahead of time. At … Read More

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Register for Tomorrow’s Top 3 Staffing Mistakes Webinar – FREE

No single issue keeps pastors awake at night more than staffing! After studying everything I can get my hands on, coaching over 1,000 senior pastors and learning from my own experience, I’ve identified the most common staffing mistakes and I’d like to share them with you… Can you join me on a FREE Webinar TOMORROW (Wednesday, November 16) at 2pm … Read More

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What Should be Expected of Staff Spouses? (Church Staffing)

A common cause of stress among church staff members is the role of staff spouses. Some churches hire a staff member with the unspoken expectation that they’re hiring two people (husband and wife) – the key word being “unspoken.” I’ll share how we handle staff spouse expectations at The Journey in a moment, and whether you agree with our approach … Read More

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Church Staffing Revisited – Hire Fast – Fire Fast?

In staffing – as in most areas of church leadership – it’s healthy to revisit the widely accepted “proverbs” from time to time to see if they hold true. That’s one of the reasons why my new Staffing Workshop resource has enjoyed such an overwhelmingly positive response. I recently read an article by Barry Shamis that questions the validity of … Read More

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