My First Coaching Experience (Part 2)

My first pastor-to-pastor coaching relationship, which I talked about yesterday,  taught me a lot. Here are three truths I learned about coaching (I think these lessons will help you too, please keep reading) – Coaching gives me a road map to faster growth and health. A road map that would normally take me years to discover myself. My coach showed me specific … Read More

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Full House, Powerful Talks – LIVE from the Renegade Pastors Conference

Here in Orlando, I’ve been honored to spend three days leading the Renegade Pastors Conference, with over 250 pastors from every area of the country and even outside the US. And what have we been focusing on? Ways to abandon average in life and ministry — from facing your fear of criticism head-on to taking time to replenish your own soul. Just some of the content … Read More

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LIVE from Orlando – Best Tweets @ the Renegade Pastors Conference

I’m writing to you in the middle of our BIGGEST 3-day Renegade Pastors Conference yet! Over 250 pastors have descended upon sunny Walt Disney World, Orlando to join me and and all-star line-up of speakers, including Dr. Thom Rainer and Lance Witt. And a few have been tweeting live from the conference because in addition to the great sessions, this … Read More

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Lessons from Lyle Schaller

Considered the preeiminent church consultant of the last century, Lyle Schaller passed away on March 18 this year at 91. If there were one, he would win the Guinness Book of World Records award for most parishes consulted – with thousands and thousands of visits! Here’s a snapshot of some ideas we can glean from Schaller that I shared recently … Read More

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Senior Pastor Success Story: Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas has led Breckenridge United Methodist Church in Breckenridge, MI since 2013; it is the first church where he has served as pastor. He is a member of my Renegade Pastors Network and upgraded to Senior Pastor Coaching in February. I am thrilled to see pastors like Paul so committed to abandoning average and making incredible changes in his … Read More

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LIVE from Orlando – Renegade Pastors Conference

I’m writing to you today from sunny Walt Disney World, Orlando – in the middle of our biggest 3-day Renegade Pastors Conference yet. Check out this fantastic group of pastors, from every part of the country and even as far away as Nigeria! We’ve had a content-packed conference with new teachings from me, Dr. Bob Whitesel, Dr. Elmer Towns, Steve Reynolds and Kerrick … Read More

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Meet My Mentor

How’s your walk with God? Seriously, how are you growing in your relationship with God? Too many times as pastors, we find ourselves asking others that question without anyone asking or holding us accountable for our own spiritual growth. One of my mentors, Dr. Elmer Towns, has really challenged me in making sure that I’m growing in my relationship with … Read More

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Senior Pastor Success Story – July’s Renegade Pastor of the Month

A Renegade Pastor is someone who has abandoned average in favor of excellence. He is a rebel with a purpose – someone who rises up against resistance, mediocrity and conformity. And he is a hard worker, but knows how to work efficiently and manage his time for maximum benefit. Today we’re celebrating our Renegade Pastors – with special accolades to … Read More

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Treat First-Time Guests with “Raving Fan” Service

A first-time guest wants to feel respected and welcomed. He wants to know that you are happy he’s there, and that you are serious about making sure he has a good experience. The way you, your team, and your regular attenders treat him and his family will tell him most of what he needs to know. Sadly, a large majority … Read More

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The Renegade Pastor – Abandon Average! New Hardcover Book – Just $1

As a leader you must continually position yourself for growth – the health of your ministry depends on it. And as a leader you bear full responsibility for that growth. Just like you can’t force the people in your church to grow, no one can force you. The choice to keep growing is yours – and yours alone. Attendance at … Read More

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