Senior Pastor Success Story: Paul Thomas

941280_10201306678810390_1818212615_n-mediumPaul Thomas has led Breckenridge United Methodist Church in Breckenridge, MI since 2013; it is the first church where he has served as pastor. He is a member of my Renegade Pastors Network and upgraded to Senior Pastor Coaching in February. I am thrilled to see pastors like Paul so committed to abandoning average and making incredible changes in his ministry to reach more people for Christ. Below is his inspiring success story. Go God! 

When I started out in this network, my initial goal was to average 100 a Sunday. After three months in your network, we are nearly there, so I need a new goal. I want to average 200 a Sunday at the end of the first year as a part of your network.

We had our first “Big Day” at Easter and offered two services with a breakfast in between. That drew over 200 people – a record for this established United Methodist Church. We are now seeing the fruit of that day as we now consistently see around 100 in worship.

I have taught the concept of the Big Day to our outreach team, and we are planning to do a fall “Big Day” and are praying for 250 in worship. We will also launch small groups for the first time on this day using your New Testament Challenge resource.

We are also adding an automated giving option, and since we are nearly out of offering envelopes, we are ordering Journey-style envelopes to go in to the pews this summer in time for our “At the Movies” series. I also just finished a two-week stewardship message series, and for the first time in my leaders’ memories, a message was preached on tithing, and a personal testimony was given by someone from the congregation. Several people signed up to take a two-month giving and tithing challenge, and I’ve had follow up conversations with people who are really dealing with how to honor God with their finances. They had never heard this taught before!

When I arrived as pastor here two years ago (this is my first appointment), we were averaging 55 with about three children in a small rural town. Today, we have nearly doubled in average attendance, we average five times as many kids in our children’s ministry, and we are seeing more and more first-time guests and families come to worship. God is moving here in a big way.

This network is the best investment I have made! Thank you for living out your calling as a coach to pastors.

Your partner in ministry,


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