Everyone Needs a Coach (Part 2 of 3)

Yesterday I shared how even athletes at the top of their game still have a coach and how we as ministry leaders, who are in a profession (calling) far more intense than even the most elite athletes, also need a coach. But . . . we need the right kind of coach.

Everyone needs a coach but it can’t be just any ole coach.

As I shared yesterday, Tom Brady has a coach outside the Patriots organization. And who did he go after?

He went after the best coach for what he was trying to achieve — not just the first one he could find. Not the cheapest. Not the closest. Not the guy who was a decent college quarterback who now called himself a QB coach. No, TB12 went after the best and was willing to invest his own money to get the right person and the right fit.

When I started coaching pastors back in 2004, you would have been hard-pressed to find more than a couple of other folks who called themselves ministry coaches. There was the random retired pastor or former denominational executive who might have used that title, but my how the times have changed. Today, it seems everyone is using the word “coach” to define what they do.

But again, don’t just settle for anyone with that title.

Here are some ways to get the wrong coach:

– Pick the first person who seems cool or likable or comes up in a Google search.

– Pick the lowest-priced ministry coach available.

– Try something for $1 and then cancel before the first payment is due.

– Select a coach just because they live nearby.

– Limit your coaching selection to only a coach you can meet with over lunch (lunch isn’t a coaching session).

– Limit your coaching to only someone from your denomination or “tribe.”

– Pick someone with an unproven track record.

– Choose someone who’s not a pastor (or hasn’t been for a long time)and allow them to coach you.

I could go on, but to that last point . . .

Am I the only one who had a seminary professor who was teaching pastoral ministry based on experiences they had 20 years ago? Their “innovative ideas” for ministry were written on pages that had yellowed over time and probably didn’t even work way back when. I suffered through that class — but you don’t have to suffer through that as a coaching experience.

Here’s what you get if you choose me as a coach:

I am a Senior Pastor who is still leading a thriving and growing church (just before I sat down to write this email I completed a highly strategic meeting with my top Journey Church leaders).

I am a coach who has a proven process that has been field-tested for over 15 years. Is my coaching today like it was 15 years ago? Of course not! It has evolved and improved over time. I strive to make my next network the best network. But know that you are getting over 15 years of coaching experience. I’m not new at this process.

I am a coach who has developed a system that is easily implementable and highly practical. From Day 1 of coaching, I will give you little things that produce big results. It won’t be theory or ideas that require tons of money or time, it will be practical ideas that show immediate improvement.

I am a coach who will be with you every step of the way. I’m only accepting 30 people to this next network as I’ve found that’s as many as I can manage in a new network. You will have priority access to me in the network. This doesn’t mean I return emails instantly — after all, I am still pastoring a growing church — but I will give you the priority. Not once with 2100+ pastors has anyone complained about me “not being there” for them in their coaching experience.

I am a coach who will push you to grow. Yes, there’s a lot of little things that can bring big results but there’s also bigger goals and systems that we will work on during coaching. You will grow and I will help you.

I’ll pick up on this tomorrow (with a great study that was done on the power of coaching — you don’t want to miss it). Thanks for reading. Let me conclude with an invitation . . .

My next pastor-to-pastor Coaching Network starts Tuesday, March 6. I want to invite you to apply.

You can read all about it here and even go ahead and secure your spot (with some cool early registration bonuses). Just visit:


I call this my Gold Level coaching network as it’s the foundational one for any senior pastor who wants to grow personally and see their church grow. It’s based on the eight systems of a healthy church (my proprietary coaching system — outlined on the website). Gold is the best place to start and the best entry point (dare I say most blessed network) for you as a Senior Pastor.

If, after checking out the website, you still have questions about the network, just send an email (every reply is read) with your question and cell phone number to info@churchleaderinsights.com. You will get an answer via email or phone call.

Thanks for reading. Your partner in ministry,


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