LIVE from Orlando – Renegade Pastors Conference

I’m writing to you today from sunny Walt Disney World, Orlando – in the middle of our biggest 3-day Renegade Pastors Conference yet.

Check out this fantastic group of pastors, from every part of the country and even as far away as Nigeria!

RP Conf 2015

We’ve had a content-packed conference with new teachings from me, Dr. Bob Whitesel, Dr. Elmer Towns, Steve Reynolds and Kerrick Thomas. If you’re not one of these smiling faces above, wish you were here! Although this conference is for Renegade Pastors only, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what the Renegade Pastors here in attendance are taking in and jotting down.

Being a Renegade is all about abandoning average! And while we’re here at the conference I shared:

7 Reasons Why Pastors Fail 

These 7 included moral failures, character failures and complacency in several areas.

The definition of failure I like to use is “a few errors in judgment repeated every day.” But the one most applicable to us as pastors is: “Not fulfilling your calling.”

Ministry is full of land mines but with some preventative maintenance you can anticipate potential dangers and avoid them to protect your calling.

Some of the solutions I shared:

– Building hedges to prevent moral failure in the area of sex – like never traveling alone with a member of the opposite sex

– Setting up strong church financial structures to avoid failure in the area of money and how to do that

– Continuing to grow personally through reading and seminars to avoid complacency of the mind

That’s just a nugget of the wealth of information covered at this conference over the three days.

We are blessed to have a full conference. There isn’t an empty seat in the house! The Renegade Pastors here at the conference take back with them new insights and tools to their church to reach more followers of Jesus.

I want you to be here for the next conference!

Your partner in ministry,


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