The Missing Piece of Pastor (and Church) Growth: Accountability

In all my years of ministry experience (over 20 years now), I have met more pastors than I can begin to count. And I’ve never once had a pastor come up to me and say: “Nelson, my church isn’t growing and I don’t care.” No, they’re all serious about God’s calling on their life, serious about reaching more people for … Read More

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Fusion Webinar – Next Tuesday, January 11 – Register Today!

Will you join me next Tuesday, January 11, from 2:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern time for The Fusion Webinar? This two-hour webinar is on Assimilation – one of the eight systems where you can see results after even the smallest improvement, so it will add to the bottom line growth of your church. I’ll teach you the Assimilation principles that have … Read More

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No-Nonsense Leadership – CLI Newsletter Rewind

Each month in the Free Church Leader Insights Newsletter, I include least one book recommendation (in addition to all of the articles, podcast training, events and more). I pick only the best of the best of what I read and share a book that will help you lead your church more effectively. Just in case you missed this month’s Newsletter … Read More

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Can You Meet Me in Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles Next Week?

Can you meet me in Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles next week for one of three FREE Live Events I’m doing for Senior Pastors? Seattle, WA Area Tuesday, August 10 San Francisco/Oakland Area Wednesday, August 11 Los Angeles, CA Area Thursday, August 12 We have a great group signed up already, but we still have room for you (and … Read More

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Don’t be Average (Plus a Bonus for Acting Now)

Dear Pastor, In less than 25 days my new Tele-Coaching Network for Senior Pastors begins . . .so I have a challenge to you: DON’T BE AVERAGE! The “average” church in America declines by 9% a year. The “average” church in America is behind on budget and reaching less people than ever before. Furthermore, do you really want to be … Read More

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Can I Meet You in Raleigh or Columbia Next Week?

I’ll be heading back to the Carolinas (my old stompin’ ground) next week for two FREE “Senior Pastors Only” Events – one in the Raleigh, NC, area, and one in the Columbia, SC, area. I love these events because it always gives me a chance to get to know more of you face-to-face (not to mention teaching you how to … Read More

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