Don’t be Average (Plus a Bonus for Acting Now)

Dear Pastor,

In less than 25 days my new Tele-Coaching Network for Senior Pastors begins . . .so I have a challenge to you:


The “average” church in America declines by 9% a year. The “average” church in America is behind on budget and reaching less people than ever before.

Furthermore, do you really want to be an “average” pastor?

The ‘average’ pastor goes through the same boring routines week after week. The average pastor feels ‘stuck.’ The ‘average’ pastor doesn’t feel like they are living up to or living out their calling.

“Average” is not God’s plan!

I’m looking for a few pastors who are ready to say “NO” to average and “YES” to God’s best.

Is that you?

In less than 25 days from now, my new Tele-Coaching Network for Senior Pastors begins. It will help you lead your church beyond “average” to growth, health and Kingdom impact.

Here’s what Kenneth Sesley, Pastor of Kingdom Advancers Family Church in Carson, CA had to say about the network (he just finished the network last month):

“I would like to share this testimonial about what has happened in the last 11 months since we’ve been in the Tele-Coaching Network.

A while back after a tough time in our church, I had purchased a series by Nelson on Growth Barriers. I don’t know if that is why they contacted me about the network, but out of the blue I was contacted. Honestly I couldn’t afford the network, but with the money back offer, I decided to go for it.

Since that time:

* Our Adult attendance has doubled

* Our Children’s ministry has exploded, causing our overall attendance to triple

* Our finances have doubled, allowing us to add a paid minister of music, which has really enhanced our worship services

* Our assimilation process constantly get rave reviews both through our internet surveys, (and our phone calls), so our regular attenders are coming back and working their way through our process

* Our morale is at an all time high. My staff and my creativity is soaring

* Our first times guest attendance has gone from 0 to 10 a month

* We will be baptizing at least 10 people on a special July 4th baptismal

* We have moved from a undesirable meeting location to the Double Tree Hotel, which is an increase in expense, yet we have an abundance to cover the costs

* We have set a goal to double again in attendance before 2010 is over, and everyone believes that we can do it!

I have come to realize that most pastors who have a vision from God and a big vision to reach their city and the world for Christ will never be able to do it. The reason for it is not their preaching in most cases. Neither is it their hearts, or the lifestyles.

Most (99%) of all pastors that I know spend their times loving God, loving their families and their congregations and living simple, clean lives. They believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and many are committed to the Great Commandments, the Great Commission and the Great Compassion.

But they don’t even know that they need systems to run their churches properly.

I had always noticed that pastors who had either come out of executive positions in the business world, or pastors that had had officer training in the military were successful 90% of the time. These people just instinctively understand leadership and systems. But most pastors who go in the ministry through seminary, or bible colleges don’t get this taught to them.

So I would say that any pastor or church that is struggling to break the 65, 125 or 250 barrier or even the 500 barrier, should definitely join the network.

If your attendance is under 100 and you think that you may not be able to afford the network, let me say this: “You can’t afford not to join the network”!!!!!

By the time we made the changes in our offering envelope, website and the Christmas Offering WE HAD PAID FOR THE COST OF THE NETWORK MANY TIMES OVER.

In addition to that, our OFFERINGS HAVE MORE THAN DOUBLE, and they are even going up through the beginning of the summer with people already going on vacations.

So I enthusiastically recommend this network to anyone who is interested. In fact, I have rejoined the network for the next 12 months.

Feel free to use this testimonial in any way that you choose.”

WOW! I’m glad Kenneth didn’t settle for average!

And how about this from Craig Walker, Lifeway Church, Celina, TX:

“You all have helped us so much! My wife just left my office and she said, ‘You have learned so much in this group. I’ve seen so many things we are doing that we would have never thought of on our own.’ She is right.”

Craig just finished the last network and is already signed up to return on August 19. Between you and me, I think his wife *made* him do it – ha!

OK, can I be very frank?

Now is not the time to settle for average.

NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO GROW A CHURCH and step out on faith and try something you’ve never done.

Even having said all this, I’ll admit my Senior Pastors Tele-Coaching Network is not for everyone and the truth is that I cannot accept everyone who applies (this network will fill up quickly).

But this is the perfect coaching network for those pastors with a desire to see their church grow and to invest the time and energy to cooperate with God in seeing it happen.

I can guarantee that if you apply and are accepted, this network will be more than worth your time and investment (in fact, I’m offering a complete money back guarantee – something I’ve never done for any regular coaching network).

** You can check out the FAQ link in the P.P.S. below where I answer the most common questions, but if you are ready to apply now, just download your application or complete your NEW Online Application at:

Please hurry – the network starts August 19 (less than one month from now) and I need time to review your application.

This is one of a kind opportunity. Thank you for prayerfully considering this network. I look forward to reviewing your application.


P.S. I just announced a very special BONUS that I want to tell you about as we drive towards the start of this new network.

Send me your application via email or submit it online by Friday, August 6, and if you are accepted I will send you a free copy of my Breaking Growth Barriers Workshop (a $399.00 value) as an early application bonus. And hey, if you’ve already applied, you’ll get it  upon acceptance.

Here’s the link to apply online, download your application or to learn all the details:

Why am I doing this?

Most people wait to the last minute so I’m slammed with applications and since this flood of applications means that the network fills up in the last couple of days, it means I end up disappointing a lot of people. So I want to reward you for applying early (and it makes the process easier for me too – a win win, right!).

I look forward to reviewing your application.

P.P.S. Do you still have questions about the Network?

My team and I have put together a Frequently Asked Questions page designed to give you all you need to make your decision – here’s the link:

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