Maximize Summer By Being Creative With Small Groups (Part 2)

Summer small groups are also an ideal way to raise up new group leaders, for two reasons. Number one, many of your regular leaders will want to take the summer off. In fact, we encourage a summer break. You don’t want leaders to get burned out. And through their break, you open up the opportunity for people who have never led before to step in. … Read More

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Maximize Summer By Being Creative With Small Groups (Part 1)

Many churches decide to take a break from small groups during the summer, which is a perfectly legitimate thing to do. But if your structure allows for it, summer groups can be extremely effective for getting new people plugged in… especially if you do them creatively. The summer weather gives you and your group leaders the opportunity to plan lots of fun groups that … Read More

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Your Church Can Grow This Summer (Really!)

Summer means many things.  We get longer days, luminous weather, leisurely vacations…. and lastly  church growth.  Okay, maybe that last one seems a little out of place.  As church leaders, we all know that summer is the worst time of the year for church growth, right? When the temperature rises, we stare down a slump that’s as inevitable as a breaking wave. … Read More

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How to Grow Your Church this Summer (Free E-Book)

Have you bought into the idea that summer is a time for you and your church to crouch in a corner and pray for an early fall? I doubt you’ve gone that far, but that’s essentially what thousands of churches do every summer – writing off the summer as a time when churches just don’t grow! After listening to and … Read More

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June 1 Starts the Summer for Me

Today is June 1, and as for me, summer has started! This weekend our 6 summer interns arrived; the weather outside is very warm and it’s staying daylight way past 8:00pm. I know summer doesn’t ‘officially’ begin until later this month, but June 1 is close enough. Summer is my favorite season. As I look forward to the next few … Read More

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Monday Proflections May 18 2008

This post is earlier than normal because I have a 6:05am flight into Orange County (I hate getting up early but I love getting an early start and avoiding the LaGuardia delays!).  This is a big week for Church Leader Insights as Roy is rolling out my NEW Time Management for Busy Pastors resource (no link yet, watch your email … Read More

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