Maximize Summer By Being Creative With Small Groups (Part 1)

Many churches decide to take a break from small groups during the summer, which is a perfectly legitimate thing to do. But if your structure allows for it, summer groups can be extremely effective for getting new people plugged in… especially if you do them creatively. The summer weather gives you and your group leaders the opportunity to plan lots of fun groups that … Read More

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How To Be Creative With Your Preaching This Summer (Part 2)

As part of your creative summer series planning, try tying in fun events to complement your teaching. For example, during the God On Film series, we have weekly “play groups” available where people can go see one of the featured movies with others from the church, and then grab dinner to discuss it. This goes hand-in-hand with your creative outreach. People will want to … Read More

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How To Be Creative With Your Preaching This Summer (Part 1)

Summer is the time to be extra creative in your message planning.  You have the freedom to intentionally teach on topics that will draw a crowd.  Around The Journey, we always plan this kind of “attractional series” for the summer, in an effort to reach people who may not otherwise come to church.  Each year we do a series called … Read More

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Monday Proflections: The Week Ahead

I love Monday’s – if things go right on Monday I’m sitting pretty for the rest of the week.  Here’s a few things on my calendar that I’m looking forward too and that I thought might benefit you: Monday – Today is the last today to get the free Evangelism Seminar (57.00 Value) that Roy is offering.  Click Here. Tuesday, … Read More

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