Don’t overthink it. Simplify it.

It’s no wonder overthinking leaves you drained. It’s mental exhaustion on the level of running a marathon every day. Most of all there is a danger in making slow decisions! Here are 3 dangers of SLOW: 1) One is paralysis by analysis. 2) MORE stress. 3) Missed opportunity. Sometimes you don’t need more information to make a decision. Colin Powell … Read More

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Communicating Your Big Day Evangelism Strategy to Your Church (Free Download)

A number of you have already let me know how my new book Ignite has helped you and your church. That’s always encouraging to me, so keep ’em coming! Feel free to use the “Ask Nelson” button on the right side of this blog to send me your story. One such email that I recently received from Clark Frailey, member … Read More

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