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I just finished the video shoot for the Easter message. . . we filmed the entire message from start to finish at noon today.  I’m feeling good!  I sorta wish I had the pressure to finish my message by Tuesday noon each week (OK, not really). But it does feel good to know the manuscript is done and there’s a … Read More

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Q & A – Weekly Schedule

Q: I’m trying to get my leadership system in place and I need to rework how I set my weekly meetings up. Would you mind sharing how you guys do it at The Journey? A: Here’s an overview of our weekly meeting schedule: Monday: 10:30am -11:30am: Individual meetings with direct reports 11:30am-Noon: Location Service Debrief’s (R/W/M/C of services) Noon-2:00pm: Strategic … Read More

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Q & A – The Role of an Executive Pastor

This is Kerrick Thomas – Executive Pastor at The Journey.  Nelson asked me to share this recent question and my answer about the role of an Executive Pastor: Q: Would it be possible to send me your Staff Expectation Sheet for your position (Executive Pastor). I’m working on that right now with my two executive staff members and it would … Read More

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Q & A: How Big is Too Big for Small Group System?

This is Kerrick Thomas once again – Executive Pastor at The Journey and co-author of Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups with Nelson.  Nelson asked me to follow-up on the following question regarding the semester-based small groups that we use and recommend: We have been using one type of model for small groups (ongoing) and one type for … Read More

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Church Planting Q & A – Post-Launch

I’m wrapping up a series of Church Planting Q & A’s today that I started a couple of weeks ago. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Q & A series as much as I have. And THANK YOU to all who joined me for the Launch Conference in Baltimore last week. I love to hear and answer questions from church planters, … Read More

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Last Call for Executive Pastor Coaching

A couple of weeks ago (in this post: http://www.churchleaderinsights.com/blog/2009/03/11/new-executive-pastor-tele-coaching/) I told you about the new Executive Pastor Tele-Coaching Network that Kerrick Thomas is leading.  The first call for this new network is on Thursday, so I thought I’d send out a last call for applications. If you are ready to read more and download an application, here’s the link: http://www.churchleaderinsights.com/coaching/exe.php

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Church Growth Hero – Elmer Towns

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to 11,000 students at convocation at Liberty University and was further honored to sit on the platform with my old friend Elmer Towns. He and Jerry Falwell founded the “little school” in Lynchburg, Virginia, back in 1971. These days, Dr. Towns is the Dean of the School of Religion … Read More

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