What Gets Rewarded, Gets Repeated (Part 2) – Casting a Vision for Volunteers

If you find yourself lacking in a certain area inside of your Church…if you find yourself having to give energy to a certain area inside your Church, it may mean that you’ve not been celebrating that area. Because people will do, people will take next steps toward, and people will act on that which you celebrate. Let’s say, for example, that you … Read More

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What Could You Do with 150+ New People Serving? + Free Downloads

One of the new resources we released in 2009 is The Ministry Seminar. It is our newest systems seminar and it’s all about getting the maximum possible number of volunteers involved in serving at your church. Here’s a recent email I received from my good friend Roy Mansfield, Small Groups Pastor at Northstar Church in Panama City, Florida (and former … Read More

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