When to Host Newcomers Receptions

Thank you for a very successful Fusion Webinar on Tuesday. In light of the recent Fusion Webinar and the questions from it, I wanted to share again this post on hosting a regular Newcomers Reception as an environment to connect with new people at your church (click here for “How to Host a Newcomers Reception“). One question that people often … Read More

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Connecting with New People

I have shared before (click here for “How to host a Newcomer’s Reception”) that we love hosting regular Newcomer’s Receptions at The Journey.  Not to overstate the obvious, but connecting new people are vital to any growing church.  These receptions are a great time to meet new people and give them an extra opportunity to connect with the church. Yesterday’s … Read More

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I love to meet new people

Today I’m teaching live at our Jersey City location, by video in Brooklyn and Kerrick is teaching live in Manhattan.  But here’s what’s cool: We are holding newcomer receptions in all three locations! By the time the day is out, I will have met 100 newcomers to our church.  Very cool.  I love to meet new people….they are the lifeblood … Read More

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Answering Your Assimilation Questions – #2

Question # 2 – Do You Do A Newcomer Reception? I get this question a lot. Pastors everywhere are wondering whether or not to do a reception and what it should look like if they do… should it be weekly? Monthly? What should it entail? How do you get people to attend? There are lots of questions wrapped up in … Read More

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