A Membership Class Trick: Build Connection Within The Group

The Journey Church’s newest location in Boca Raton, FL just celebrated it’s First Birthday. While we have seen tremendous numbers in our first year of New Believers and First Time Guests, one of the most excited elements is how many people have gone through the Membership Class AND are now fully engaged in the church in such a short period … Read More

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What are the “Secret Duties” of a Member at Your Church?

Have you ever sat down and thought through what you expect of your church members? For the sake of today’s post, I don’t necessarily mean the “biggies” (like attending, serving, giving, etc.), although those are vital.  Hopefully you are presenting those expectations clearly during Membership Class and reminding members of their responsibilities regularly. Today, I mean the “little things” that … Read More

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Are Your Big Givers Members?

Just before our last membership class at The Journey, a question came to me: How many of our Top 100 givers are members? I felt like God had prompted this question, so I asked our financial team to give me a list of everyone who is a Top 100 giver but not yet a member. When I got the list, … Read More

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