Who Do You Need to Say Thank You To? Acts of Deliberate Relationship Enhancement (ADRE)

From time to time, after a big day like Easter or a Friend Day, our staff sit down and wrote hand written thank you notes to everyone who made that Sunday happen (often 100+ thank you notes). We write, pray, write and pray some more.  It’s a powerful reminder that you aren’t in this alone . . .and its a … Read More

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How to Survive the Recession – 44 Tips from Tom Peters (FREE VIDEO)

Tom Peters has been one of my favorite ‘business guru’s’ for a long time.  Many of his books are on my ‘must read’ list, including his latest, Little Big Things, which I will have more to say about in a future Church Leader Insights Newsletter – you do get that right?  If not, get it here.  Now. Here’s a recent … Read More

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