Pick Up Maximize and Generosity Ladder Together for 50% Off!

I’m so excited about my new books – Maximize and The Generosity Ladder. Together, they’re designed to help you lead a fully resourced church – in other words, to help you cooperate with God to see your people embrace the concept of God-honoring generosity and to reach your church’s ministry potential. Maximize is geared toward toward church leaders, and it … Read More

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Cultivating the Spiritual Gift of Generosity

As church leaders, we’re all called to make disciples.  A big part of the disciple-making process is helping people recognize and grow in using their spiritual gifts for God’s Kingdom. This is not a foreign concept to any pastor I know – in fact, you are probably doing it already with respect to some spiritual gifts. For example, if someone … Read More

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Lessons Learned From Rick Warren – Lesson #3

Lesson #3 – You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing   Rick taught me The Principle of Generosity. This principle states that you are blessed to be a blessing. God wants to work through you. He wants the blessings He pours into your life and ministry to flow out of you and bless others. Picture a living river, being fed … Read More

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