Pick Up Maximize and Generosity Ladder Together for 50% Off!

I’m so excited about my new books – Maximize and The Generosity Ladder. Together, they’re designed to help you lead a fully resourced church – in other words, to help you cooperate with God to see your people embrace the concept of God-honoring generosity and to reach your church’s ministry potential. Maximize is geared toward toward church leaders, and it … Read More

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2009 Year End Giving Statements – What to Include?

Each year about  this time I start getting emails from churches about sending their year-end giving statements, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts today. While most churches send year-end giving statements, many of them miss out on a great chance to share information, celebrate & remind people of all that God is doing and cast vision for the … Read More

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Should You Keep Mailing Offering Envelopes?

Any of you who have listened to The Stewardship Seminar or The Stewardship Intensive know that I am a firm believer in creating custom offering envelopes for your church and including them in each week’s program/bulletin. In fact, I shared our latest envelope design from The Journey (including our Christmas Offering info) in a post a few weeks ago (click … Read More

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