Why YOU Should Do A Christmas Offering (Free Video)

Have you noticed how early the seasons change in stores these days?

It’s mid-October and not only is Halloween candy available, but so are all the Thanksgiving decorations.

Well, this week I’m encouraging you to think ahead too – about Christmas!

No, I haven’t missed a couple of pages in my calendar…

Here’s why I want you to think about CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER:
Because NOW is the time to plan your Christmas Offering to make the biggest possible impact over the next year.

You may have seen the first of a series of FREE Training Videos that I released this week and it’s all about WHY you should do a Christmas Offering.

You can watch that first video here.

And here are four powerful reasons for you to plan and conduct an effective Christmas Offering:

  1. To help your people GROW – Let’s face it, our primary calling is to make disciples, and stewardship is discipleship! By challenging people to give over and above to missions and ministries in this offering, you give them the opportunity to broaden their perspective and be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  2. To give to MISSIONS – There’s no better time to give your people the opportunity to fund local, national and international missions work than Christmas. By concentrating your major missions giving emphasis on this annual offering, your people can focus their efforts without having to be asked again and again.
  3. To support worthy CAUSES inside and outside of your church – Whether we like it or not, there will always be more worthwhile ministry opportunities than the general operating budget has room to fund. This once-a-year offering allows you to expand your impact and support these ministries without taking away from what you’re already doing.
  4. God commands us to give SACRIFICIALLY – The people of your church (like all of us) need to be stretched from time to time to get out of their comfort zone, to reach and give over and above what they would normally give – ultimately forcing them to trust God with their finances.

These reasons, combined with the results I’ve seen at The Journey and in hundreds of my coaching alumni churches, are why I’m so passionate about helping you with your Christmas Offering.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to plan now for the most important offering of the year!

To watch the video and read more about my new “How to Plan and Conduct an Effective Christmas Offering” resource, click the link below:

Free Training Video #1

You’ll find that in this resource, I lay out the entire Christmas Offering process, and GIVE YOU the complete checklist that we have developed and used at The Journey to raise over $2,000,000.00 through these special offerings.

Here’s to growing your people and expanding your ministry,


P.S. Almost forgot to mention this – because time is of the essence if you want to plan and conduct an effective Christmas Offering, this NEW RESOURCE is only available through October 31!

I want to help lead a successful offering – so get started now:


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